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Does Size Matter?...

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day created to celebrate mothers & everything that they do to keep the world turning =D

Todays OOTD features my first and only purchase from H&M (so far). I ignorantly figured that nothing from this store would fit me. I didn't even know they had a plus section. What an idiot! For a while now, I had been wanting a cute striped skirt and/or dress (still looking for the dress). I spotted this skirt while on a shopping trip with my gurls. We're a group of multi-sized women, so when we shop, it's in all kinds of stores. Thank goodness for that because I never would have found this skirt.

It's so comfy AND its a Large. So is the tank! I couldn't believe the fit when I tried them both on. Do I think that any size large in the store will fit me? Nope. But I do believe that I can shop there and figure out what does. Just goes to show you... you never know what you can fit, or where you can shop, until you try.

Question for my plus size friends... Do you shop in the straight size section of the store? Or do you feel confined to plus size only?

Until next time...

I threw this one in the post because my daughter dared me too. I wasn't "ready". lol!

Color Palette

Jacket - Kohls
Tank - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Target


  1. Cute outfit Ma'am. We have an H&M here but I have never been, I think I really need to go check them out.

    I don't shop in just the plus size section anymore, I used to all the time and that is what made me hate the size I was even more. The cute plus size clothing seemed so much more expensive to me than the regular sizes and everything that I thought I could fit that was less expensive was NOT CUTE to me. But I was on a budget couldn't spend much so what else could I do, so I bought what I could afford at the time and what I thought would fit. Boy have I learned differently. Just because it says one size doesn't mean it won't fit. I think it pays to try things on, you will be surprised at what you can actually wear. There is a downside to that too, just because you can get it on doesn't mean you should wear it, but that is a entirely different subject, LOL!!!

    Carsedra of:



  2. Cute skirt!!! I definitely shop straight sizes......because I am bottom heavy and smaller on top I can shop any straigh size store for tops....bottoms #notsomuch.......I agree with Carsedra about the getting it on.....sometimes I see plus size women wearing things that can pull up or on but doesn't flatter their body type. In this case tho you have a winner! Love it!

  3. You are WEARING that skirt...Nice Outfit...
    To answer your question, I do tend to gravitate twards certain stores that I know I wear their clothes well like Forever 21+, Old Navy, Marshall's, New York & Company and JC Penny...

  4. Omg, this is news to me! Why didnt anybody let a sista know they have a plus section now?! Granted, I usually find cute stuff in their regular sizes, but this just opens more doors :-)

    Uhoh, they done did it now... smh, i see where my money will be going

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  5. I love this outfit, I LOVE stripes! Gon'ahead and send me that skirt, lol. I know your question was addressed to the plus sized ladies but hell I sometimes can't fit stuff at straight stores. These hip don't lie and I find myself shunning certain stores because I can only fit their tops and some skirts. H&M is hit or miss with me depending on the cut I have been able to get into their 12s but not all the time.

  6. oh my dear you wear a pencil skirt very well! love the stripes with the green.

    btw i nominated your blog for the Versatile Blog Award. read about on my blog!


  7. Well, I don't quite qualify as one of your plus sized friends, but between my fashion/retail experience and being a curvy on the bottom woman, I learned long ago that size doesn't really matter. Fit is most important. In one store/brand I may wear one size and a different size from another store/brand, and don't get me started on vintage! My vintage size is certainly not my modern size, and even with vintage pieces it varies by designer and silhouette.

    I said all of that to say YAY to you for trying on that fabulous skirt in H&M even though you didn't think you could wear clothes in there. It looks awesome on you honey!!

  8. Size really doesn't matter at all! You have always look beautiful in all of your posts and I love your style very much! Super cute skirt!

  9. Love them strips and the entire color palette Sugar Plum! :-)

    BTW, I have yet to buy anything from H&M myself... ~Fashion Bloggers don't JUDGE ME! lol

  10. What a FAB look! Love that skirt babe! I shop in ALL sections of a store from petite to medium to large, etc. This curvy frame is hard to fit but I keep on shopping anyway, LOL.

  11. love the skirt!


  12. hone you are so rocking this skirt the colors are beautiful you look great !!! I want that skirt in my life!

  13. I'm not too sure about pluz sizes but I do know that this skirt looks FAB on you!!


  14. I love this look! You look fab, I love the skirt.

  15. Cute outfit. Love your skirt.


  16. Cute!
    xx nikki :) http://nikkistyle.net


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