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Be Amazing...

Happy weekend!! I don't have to explain how much I love weekends. Just know that I do. I hope that you're having a great start to yours.

I just want to take a quick second (well, longer than an actual second of course), to rant about speak on something that I am just beyond done with. Women who speak about themselves in such a negative way. It is so sad to me that some women can see so much beauty in others, but fail to see it in themselves. 

I like how the sun rays show in this picture :)
I swear, some of the comments that I read on social media are down right sad. Let's just get something straight. NO ONE can tell you how to be confident in who you are. It comes from YOU. Do the work. And by work, I mean convince yourself that you are wonderfully made. Surround yourself with positivity, and embrace it. Speak light into your life.

I just love this dress. It's my favorite!
Stop running around all woe is me. I see a lot of this... "You look great! I wish I could wear that." "Your hair is awesome! I could never rock a style like that." "Where do you shop? I never find things like that in my area." It's fine to compliment someone. By all means, please do! Your kind words could very well make someones day! But the compliment does not have to be accompanied by a downplay of yourself.

That silhouette though!! Yaaaaaasssss! LOL!

You want to rock a pencil skirt? ROCK IT! You want to "go natural"? DO IT! You want to shop for a crop top, but haven't seen any in stores near you? Open your browser, and GOOGLE IT!  You have access to the same things as the person that you see on your screen. They have struggles just like everyone else. Not to mention, so many of them don't even wear what you see past the location they use to take the pictures. 

To be inspired by others is awesome. I can't tell you how much inspiration that I get every day by just scrolling through my Twitter feed, Facebook, and Instagram timeline. Just don't lose you in the process. Use that inspiration as a tool to better yourself.

Ok, I'm done. But, if you don't take anything from this post, please remember this... "You are the only you that the world is ever going to know. Be amazing." I'm not sure where I got it from, but I've been telling it to my daughter and son before they were old enough to understand. Try it.

Until next time...

Dress - Dots
Wedges - Jessica Simpson - Marshals

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