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I Got a Secret...

Hey peeps!! As the weekend ends, I'm lounging in sweats, a t-shirt and socks. Minnesota weather is quickly turning to Fall, and we're at a cool 50 degrees and rainy, with no signs over summer left. I haven't left my house all day, and I make no apologies for it. I see most of my Instagram & blogger buddies wishing for Fall weather around their way. You ladies should come to Minnesota, we have all the chill in the air that you need :)

This was a work outfit from about a week ago. It was around 70 degrees and sunny. That's the perfect Fall day for me. I got to pull out my favorite knee boots and a cute scarf for a pop of color.

Wanna know a little something about this dress? It's from Target. Wanna know something else? It's from the maternity section. Yea. I said it. The Maternity Section. 

So there I am. Perusing the Target clearance isles, per usual. I came across this cute little striped number for $8.97. It was two of my favorite things. Striped and cheap. I took it in the dressing room and tried it on. It fit!! I looked at the tag again before going to the register, just to make sure that I counted all of my items correctly… and that's when I saw it. MATERNITY. o_O

Say what now? Maternity?! I was ready to put it back. I was so mad. I couldn't imagine that I would wear a maternity dress without actually being pregnant. I'm not sure why, but I just couldn't. It made me feel some type of way :/ Then I remembered a post from one of the first plus sized bloggers that I "followed". Ever so stylish GabiFresh blogged about a super cute dress that she wore from the maternity section of ASOS. Then, I thought… Why not? Because it sounded bad for me to be able to fit a maternity dress.

My next thoughts were, it's cute, and I look good in it, so I bought it and wore it. POW!!

Until next time

Jacket - Rue 21
Dress - Target (Maternity Section)
Scarf - Target
Boots - Target


  1. Style4Curves10/6/13, 4:23 PM

    I've got to try that one day!! Cute dress!

  2. I still feel some type of way. Well I've never thought to buy it until I saw gabi mention it too but then I sold a bunch of stuff at a pop up shop. this 5 months preggo lady came and brought up a ton of stuff from me. ...girl my feelings where all over the floor when she came and slipped in all my ish and it fit perfecting. My eyes where huge. Anyway you look good. I love the dress!

  3. I say ROCK IT and ROCK IT you did. No one would have ever known because the dress looks fab and the price made it even better!!!


  4. Ma'am...That dress is fabulous on you and I approve of you sticking your middle finger up at size tags. Those numbers are our oppressors!!! Besides, they have some cute stuff in maternity.

  5. foodfashionandflow10/7/13, 12:50 PM

    That dress is really cute! I would have never guessed that it was from the maternity section. It looks great on you!

  6. I have seen alot of cute maternity clothes that I would rock, shoot clothes are clothes and if I can rock it, it fits right and looks great on me, yeah this girl will rock it!!! I would've never guessed it was from the maternity section it looks really cute on you!!

    Carsedra McKoy:

  7. u go girl:) looking good

    my blog here www.Islandchic77.com

  8. Super Cute!!!!! Love the playful & fun pics... :-)

  9. I'm here for this post!!! Not sure how I missed it. SMH Anyhew, love the dress and boots. The denim jacket is the perfect addition!

  10. I think you should wear what you loving regardless of what the tag says. You look stunning and just seriously confident! It's inspiring.

  11. Maternity sections in certain stores got some of THE cutest items. I always try to check out their section just in case. Even in thrift stores!

  12. Thank you for continuing to support me Ticka!

  13. You are so welcome sis!! ;)

  14. Jeimy Hernandez12/6/13, 5:04 PM

    you did that !!! that' dress is gorg love the jean jacket accent and the boots fab!!!


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