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Buffalo Stance...

Hey Peeps!! Happy Friday!! *cue the party streamers and bells* I don't know if y'all know this about me, but I'm a total weekend girl. I take my weekends seriously. What I mean by that is… I don't make plans unless I really feel like it. Meaning, you must be a special person to me if I spend my weekend days/hours around/with you. Y'all might think I'm exaggerating, but I am so serious! All I want to do is be with my hubby and my kids (I partially mean it about the kids, ha). Then there's my "Wine-Oh Sunday" clique. We get together once a month on a Sunday (see here for the back story… and we started at 4, and we're down to 3 ladies now, but that's another story), or a Saturday, or both depending on how much we NEED to kick it and let our hair down.  

But one thing that I enjoy the most about weekends is how casual I dress. I wear what I want, and I like to be comfy. I know that some bloggers don't post what they feel are "non-blog worthy" outfits, but here at Spoon Full of Sugar, you get me. YAY!! *more party streamers and bells*

Sometimes I'm all dressed up for date nights, at times I'm all corporate fly for work, then there's lil old weekend me, who would rather be in comfy pants and gym shoes (that's Chicago speak for tennis shoes). Notice the J's.

No need to adjust your glasses, or stare at the screen. I'm really wearing sweat pants that I pulled up over my calves. 

 I probably could have put on some heels, jewelry and a more dressy top to attempt the "Sports Luxe" trend and make y'all think I ran around like that. Not to say that I wouldn't. But this particular day…  naaaaaahhhhhhh! That just wasn't me. But the jailhouse pose above is soooooooo me :)

Y'all see my Buffalo Stance, right?! I'm kind of a big deal. 

**side note: If you don't know the song "Buffalo Stance" by Neneh Cherry, I suggest you Google it**

My daughter caught me mid dance move. Not sure what I was doing, but she dared me to post it, so. Yea.

Until next time…

T-Shirt - Target (Stolen Borrowed from Hubby's closet)
Sweat Pants - H & M
Gym Shoes - Nike (Retro Jordans)

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  1. Awwee shoot! Bout to post casual. That squat pose...Priceless!!!


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