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Hi! I'm Shanticka. My blog is about any and everything that I want it to be. Me, my family, work, personal style, friends, etc. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy getting to know me. Live, in living color.


Imma Rockstar...

Happy Friday peeps!! I know I don't even have to ask if everyone is glad it's Friday. It's a given around these parts.

I wanted to show you guys another pair of my favorite jeans. Enter Old Navy "Rockstar" jeans. These skinnys are fab-u-lous!! They have just the right amount of stretch, and don't lose their shape after being worn all day.

Seriously, I never saw myself in colored jeans until months & months ago, the ever stylish Rocquelle over at Consider Me Lovely posed the question, "Are you into colored denim?". Soon after that, I saw these babies on clearance at Old Navy and thought, "Why not try'em?"... Especially if I only pay a fraction of the price. The worst that could happen is I hate them, and either take them back, or throw them in the donation pile. As you can see, neither happened.

Until next time…

PS, I am tripping off of how 'perfect' my afro looked! All I needed was a pick stuck in the top. LOL!

Top - Lane Bryant
Jeans - Rockstar  (I don't see this color anymore) - Old Navy
Shoes - Steve Madden - DSW



Good evening peeps!! The middle of the week is here, and as usual, I'm living for the weekend. I am loving the cooler temps. I know I will be complaining about the cold weather soon, so I'm soaking up these high 60's to low 70's while I can. In Minnesota, any time after September is very unpredictable weather wise. On to the OOTD…

I'm having what I would call the best problem ever. My clothes are getting too big. The nice part about this is, my body is changing the way I want it to. The not so nice part is losing the great fit of clothes that I love. Like this dress from ASOS, last worn/seen here

I put it on this morning for work, and it just fell right over my body with no tugging or pulling over my butt required. I then put the cardigan over it in hopes of concealing the fit. When that didn't work as I wanted it to, I added the scarf (the outfit needed color anyway). For me that still wasn't enough, and by this time I was running a little late, so I quickly added leggings. I didn't get to fully see how I looked before I left the house, but once I got to work and glanced at myself, I liked what I saw. The unintentional layering really worked for me =D

Have you thrown together an outfit, and unexpectedly liked it later?

Until next time…

Cardigan/Sweater - Target
Dress - ASOS
Leggings - Target
Scarf - Old Navy
Flats - Kenneth Cole


My Favorite Things...

Happy Hump Day!!! I truly hope that everyones week is going well. I live for weekends, so they never come fast enough for me. I especially enjoy the lazy ones where all I do is hang out with hubby and the kiddos. No plans, just flying by the seat of our pants. What do your weekends usually consist of?

On to the OOTD!  I wore three of my favorite pieces. Two out of three are from Old Navy (super clearance of course). The other from Target.

I pulled these trouser jeans out of the back of my closet. I just love'em!! I try not to wear them often because I don't want to ruin them with "chub rub". You know what chub rub is, right? If your inner thighs touch or rub together as you walk, over time the friction wears out the thread of your pants or jeans. Oh, it's just me? Ok. Cool. Anyhoooooo, I try to keep these bad boys rub free and fresh because I love them so. They are a tad bit roomy these days, but it's nothing a cute leopard belt can't cure ;)

The sweater. This nautical piece of fabulousness is so comfy and cute! That's all I really have to say about it. I can, and will wear it quite a bit this Fall and Winter. I would wear it on a house. I would wear it with a mouse. I would wear it hear or there. I would wear it anywhere! Yea. I did that! Ha!

Finally, in an effort to not make this post a novel, I will finish it off by quickly expressing my love for the shoes. These leopard heels are all that and a "BIG GRAB" bag of chips!! I really like how they barely peek through the bottom of the jeans.

Until next time...

Sweater - Old Navy
Trouser Jeans - "The Diva" - Old Navy
Shoes - Target
Belt - Target


Weekend Girl...

I hope everyone has had the chance to get out and enjoy this wonderful weather that we've been having all weekend (at least here in Minnesota). The temps have been just how I like them mid 70's to low 80's. Perfection. On to the OOTD.

The weather might not have been quite cool enough, but I decided to break out/dust off my moccasins anyway.  I couldn't wait because I LOVE these things to death! They are so comfy, and they amp up any outfit effortlessly. I stole borrowed this cool t-shirt from the hubbys side of the closet. I mean, who doesn't like a little Bruce Lee? Speaking of comfy, it gets no better than this little skirt from H&M, last seen on the blog here.

Have you pulled out any Fall pieces that you couldn't wait to wear?

Until next time…

T-shirt - Target
Skirt - H&M
Boots - Minnetonka Moccasins 



For me!!

Hey Peeps!!

No OOTD this time. Just a quick post to let you guys know that I've entered into Lace 'n Leopard 's End of the Summer Contest to win a fabulous leopard clutch. All of the ladies who entered are super cute! Please take a moment to head over and VOTE (for me) =D!  Thank you guys so much for your support!


Weekend Girl...

Happy Football Sunday y'all! At least that's what's going on in my house. I hope everyone's weekend has been going well.

Friday night, I attended a bonfire gathering to celebrate my sis in-laws birthday. It was my first one, and I really had a good time. Saturday afternoon, hubby, myself and the kiddos went to a Hip-hop Festival. There were graffiti artists, break dancing and freestyle battles. We missed the free-styling, but I enjoyed what we were able to catch. Saturday evening, I went with hubby to a company dinner to celebrate their 10th anniversary… which brings me to the OOTD.

I snagged this cute & colorful dress from Target on clearance for $9.98!! It would have been a shame NOT to get it. I think it's perfect for work, or a nice dinner. The fall colors are what drew me to it. You can't go wring with oranges, browns and blues for Fall. The only negative (if you can call it that) is, I wish I had picked up a smaller size. I had to put on the denim blazer because the dress is pinned in the back.

Out of habit, I grabbed an XXL and went to the dressing room, but was pleasantly surprised when that didn't work. Because I didn't have much time, I left the dressing room, picked up the XL and was on my way. If I had tried it on in the store, I would have gotten the L. I probably should have tried it on at home before it was time for me to get ready :/ It's a good problem to have, but in a way it's weird not knowing your size. I digress.

Until next time…

I can't say enough how much I'm enjoying my hair!! My second twist out & I love the messiness of it!

Denim Blazer - Gifted from a friend
Dress - Target
Shoes - Call it Spring


Peppermint Stick...

Hey peeps!! With school starting back, my level of busy has gone from 2 to 10. There's never enough time in the day! I'm so happy that school is back in that I could yell it from the mountain tops! These kids were eating me out of house and home! lol

Without further ado, on to the OOTD. I first saw this dress on fellow blogger Finichia over at Fancy Curves. At the time, my birthday was coming up, and it screamed "Birthday Dress" (and peppermint) to me!! I couldn't help but to head over to ASOS to look into it. Initially, I was hesitant to try the Peplum trend because of my "rumpshaker". Ha! I just knew it would bring all kinds of extra/unnecessary attention to it. After a little bit of deliberation & harassing asking Finichia about sizing (since I know ASOS can run kind of big at times), I bought the dress.

When it arrived, I tried it on immediately, and fell in love with it.

Until next time...

I knew that I didn't want jewelry or shoes to compete with the dress, so I went with nude pumps & these gorgeous leaf earrings that I won in a giveaway over at fellow #BLMGirl Kerissa's spot A Divamoms Journey. Thanks Kerissa!! =D Now that I think about it, I could have added a bracelet. Oh well, maybe next time.

Dress  - ASOS (main range)
Shoes - Payless
Earring - Giveaway

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