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Happy Hump Day!!! I truly hope that everyones week is going well. I live for weekends, so they never come fast enough for me. I especially enjoy the lazy ones where all I do is hang out with hubby and the kiddos. No plans, just flying by the seat of our pants. What do your weekends usually consist of?

On to the OOTD!  I wore three of my favorite pieces. Two out of three are from Old Navy (super clearance of course). The other from Target.

I pulled these trouser jeans out of the back of my closet. I just love'em!! I try not to wear them often because I don't want to ruin them with "chub rub". You know what chub rub is, right? If your inner thighs touch or rub together as you walk, over time the friction wears out the thread of your pants or jeans. Oh, it's just me? Ok. Cool. Anyhoooooo, I try to keep these bad boys rub free and fresh because I love them so. They are a tad bit roomy these days, but it's nothing a cute leopard belt can't cure ;)

The sweater. This nautical piece of fabulousness is so comfy and cute! That's all I really have to say about it. I can, and will wear it quite a bit this Fall and Winter. I would wear it on a house. I would wear it with a mouse. I would wear it hear or there. I would wear it anywhere! Yea. I did that! Ha!

Finally, in an effort to not make this post a novel, I will finish it off by quickly expressing my love for the shoes. These leopard heels are all that and a "BIG GRAB" bag of chips!! I really like how they barely peek through the bottom of the jeans.

Until next time...

Sweater - Old Navy
Trouser Jeans - "The Diva" - Old Navy
Shoes - Target
Belt - Target


  1. Jr Dr Suess, Love the whole outfit and the shoes, perfect touch.

  2. lmao one of my FAVORITE pair of jeans from Torrid [they have the best jeans EVER] got ruined by "chub rub" lmaoooo I've never heard it called that before! I love the trouser jeans you're wearing, I need to try them out soon.I love that sweater too!! super cute outfit

  3. You look great hunni... wish I could wear the wide leg jeans but I don't think they are that flattering on me. But you ROCK them and I see them leo pumps peeping through! CUTE!


  4. Those trousers look so fab on you! I had a similar pair and got rid of them......whhhyyyy???? NOw I've been searching for a good pair ever since that fateful day, lol. Cute look chica!

  5. See now, I started to wear a outfit exactly like this yesterday but I changed my top at the last minute. lol!! I really need to get some more wide leg trouser pants because the ones I have have gotten entirely too big!!! :-)

    Carsedra of:



  6. i never look good in trouser jeans...you look fabulous! i love this look on you. the stripes and colors are perfect on you!

  7. Super duper cute outfit. Love the top

  8. Ca-yute!!!


  9. Awesome outfit! You look great!


  10. i love those pants girl ! , you look great

  11. Love and WANT that gorgeous top, Ticka.

  12. Those jeans are errrythang! NEED! Kiah

  13. I am so loving the wide leg jeans paired with the skinny leopard belt! go girl!

  14. Loving this outfit, I'd rock it for sure!

  15. Great outfit, and your hair looks amazing!!

  16. The jeans are to die for! You look so good in them!

  17. love this look!!


  18. Everything about this look is all that. There's truly nothing like a great pair of jeans. And those shoes are marvelous for pattern mixing-I got the same ones from Target on super clearance.



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