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Hi! I'm Shanticka. My blog is about any and everything that I want it to be. Me, my family, work, personal style, friends, etc. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy getting to know me. Live, in living color.


Curves Ahead...

Hope everyone is well. Today is my Friday, so you know I'm feeling great! I plan to get my hair done tomorrow. I've never had kinky twists before, so I'm excited. They'll be pics to come for sure, especially if you follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook.

This post features my first of many purchases from ASOS Curve. The dress is now out of stock, which makes me happy that I ordered when I did. I admit that I was a little hesitant to pull the trigger on purchasing, but as usual, my lovely Twitter #enablers buddies helped me out =D. Thanks ladies!! I've been crazy about stripes this spring/summer, and this dress is right up my alley.  The fabric feels great and the dress is very light weight. I also love the tank style front, with full back coverage.

I probably could have added a little pop of color, but decided not to. I knew that I would wear the dress with my leopard shoes for a little pattern mixing, but what I didn't know is all of the different ways I would think to wear this dress once I put it on. Stay tuned for that because I want to get you guys opinions on a few of the looks that are in my head.

Until next time...

Dress - ASOS Curve (out of stock)
Shoes - Target


To the Max...

How fantastic is it that today is already Tuesday?! I love short work weeks!

To make up for my lack of posts last week, I have a few lined up. This is a super cute maxi dress that I picked up from Marshalls. I really love that place for dresses this spring/summer. They have so many that I want! The coral on the bottom of this dress is what attracted me to it (along with the stripes), but the coral accent on the racer-back is what sealed the deal. I kept the accessories to a minimum because it was just too hot outside for all that, lol.

On another note, I just wanted to put out there that I've been working out lately, and I forgot how good it can make you feel. I feel good y'all!! =D

P.S. stay tuned this week for a post featuring my first ASOS Curve purchase.

Until next time...

Dress - Marshalls
Shoes - Steve Madden - Marshalls


Makin' it Work...

Happy Sunday peeps!! I hope you are all enjoying your weekends, and if you have tomorrow off, enjoy that too! It seems like forever since I've taken blog pics! The evenings have seemed to fly by for the last week or so. I have so many of my favorite blogs to catch up on. Lots of commenting to come! =D

I am so proud of myself for the outfit below. The skirt is a quick DIY. Not a project, just an alteration. This skirt used to be a dress. I bought it from Old Navy (on clearance of course) because I wanted to get in on the floral trend. I wasn't sure if I could get in on this particular trend because florals all over the place just aren't my thing. But this dress had just the perfect amount of flowers on it for me.

I got the dress home and tried it on, only to find out that the chest was not roomy enough. It sat in my closet until this weekend when I look at it and thought to myself... "I may as well donate it." I decided to tried it on again. This time, without pulling the top part over my neck. Wah-lah!!! I couldn't find a pair of scissors fast enough! I cut off the top portion of the dress, and with the help of my daughter and her sewing machine, there you have it! A cute skirt.

This experience taught me, just because that's the way it is in the store, it doesn't have to be the way you wear it. Make it work for you.

Until next time...

Tee - Dots
Dress turned skirt - Old Navy
Coach wedges - Herbergers


I'm a Versatile Blogger... and so are YOU

Happy Humpday!!

I've had the pleasure to be listed as a Versatile Blogger by two very lovely blogger buddies. The first one came from the fabulously fashionable Shay over at A Thick Girls Closet. Shay is super sweet and I adore her style. She's fearless in fashion and I love that about her. Take a moment to check her out if you haven't already.

The second mention came from The Notorious Zag from Bigg Badd Wolf. When I tell you this lady doesn't take any mess, I mean she don't take NO mess. She's a no nonsense type of woman, and at the same time, she is super sweet. Her style is perfect for a mom on the go... like me! I always look forward to her posts. =D

Thank you ladies!!

You all know quite a bit about me by now (assuming you read my ramblings), but I have to name 7 random things about myself and nominate other bloggers for the award. 

1. I'm a baller on a budget. I love to look cute & stylish, but you will most likely find me at a clearance rack, or an outlet, or at an outlet AT a clearance rack.

2. I haven't had a relaxer in over 8 months. Although I'm proud of myself for this, I'm taking it month by month y'all.

3. I blind as a bat!... no really... I can't see without my glasses.

4. I don't use the home-row keys to type. My hands are all over the place as I type right now! lol

5. I hate going to the dentist. 

6. I can't stand Snoop Dog. Not DoggyStyle Snoop... but, Sensual Seduction Snoop. Ugh!

7. I love love. Just the thought of couples being genuinely in love makes my heart smile.

Sharing the love is something that I love doing. So please... if you're a follower of mine and you have a blog, take this award. And don't forget to tell'em Ticka gave it to ya! =D 

Yea, I cheated! So what! Ha!

Until next time... Here's the outfit that I wore to work today. I'm linking up over at A Little Bit of Lacquer for the Work It Wednesday series. You should too!! =D

Lifting my foot and trying not to fall. 


Does Size Matter?...

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day created to celebrate mothers & everything that they do to keep the world turning =D

Todays OOTD features my first and only purchase from H&M (so far). I ignorantly figured that nothing from this store would fit me. I didn't even know they had a plus section. What an idiot! For a while now, I had been wanting a cute striped skirt and/or dress (still looking for the dress). I spotted this skirt while on a shopping trip with my gurls. We're a group of multi-sized women, so when we shop, it's in all kinds of stores. Thank goodness for that because I never would have found this skirt.

It's so comfy AND its a Large. So is the tank! I couldn't believe the fit when I tried them both on. Do I think that any size large in the store will fit me? Nope. But I do believe that I can shop there and figure out what does. Just goes to show you... you never know what you can fit, or where you can shop, until you try.

Question for my plus size friends... Do you shop in the straight size section of the store? Or do you feel confined to plus size only?

Until next time...

I threw this one in the post because my daughter dared me too. I wasn't "ready". lol!

Color Palette

Jacket - Kohls
Tank - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Target


My favorite little dude...

This post is dedicated to my son "Junior". His 7th birthday is tomorrow, and he's so excited. He's been on a countdown for about a month now. HAPPY early BIRTHDAY DUDAS (my nickname for him)!! Needless to say, I love my baby boy to death. I'm so proud of how mature he's getting and how smart he is. I love his sense of humor (when he's not doing fart jokes). If you think I'm being a bit brag-adocious in this post, you're right! It's my blog and I can brag if I want to! =D

As a soon to be 7 year old dude, he loves to run, jump and play. We put him in Flag Football so he could do all three of these things at the same time. He didn't like it as much as I had hoped, but once he got the rules down, he was pretty good! He recently told me, "I'm the greatest of all time." It's true.

                                                   Taking a break from Flag Football:

One thing about my lil dude is, he LOVES his big sister. He wants to do whatever she does. He always has eye on her. These are two of my favorite pictures of them.:

Again with the football. We like to make sure he stays active. Playing with his dad is one of his favorite things to do... besides riding his bike with me =D

Playing in the snow is also something that he loves to do.

Things Junior says: Me: "Junior, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Junior: "A Boss".

Things Junior says: "Mom, can you have another baby and name it Urban Baby #1?" Uh, no.

1st day of school (1st grade). My dude reads at a 2nd, almost 3rd grade leve!!

 Things Junior says: "Mom, I need to play games & ride my bike so I can live my Little Boy Life!"

This was his 5th birthday. He loves Mario Bros.
  Thanks for taking the time to read about my lil dude. Until next time...


Highs & Lows...

Heeeeeey! Hope everyone is having a nice close to their weekend. Mine has been pretty laid back. Other than running a few errands today, I've been in the house. Just the way I like it. Hubby and I are on the way to see The Avengers, so this is going to be a pretty quick post.

I bought this skirt/dress about a year ago from a random store in a local mall. It was on clearance (of course), so I couldn't resist =D. I love high-low bottom and the material is so comfy. The button-down top is from Lane Bryant, and was purchased forever ago. I recently found it in my closet while getting some things together for the Goodwill.

Well, time to get ready for the week!

Until next time...

Shirt - Lane Bryant
Skirt/Dress - ???
Wedges - Urbanog.com

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