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Hi! I'm Shanticka. My blog is about any and everything that I want it to be. Me, my family, work, personal style, friends, etc. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy getting to know me. Live, in living color.


Feeling Blue...

I pretty much think I'm physically drawn to the the color blue. When shopping, I find myself gravitating towards the color on a regular basis. This is the third blue dress that I'm posting. You can see other blue dresses with varying hues and lengths here & here , all three are paired with camel colored accessories/shoes as well. =D

I found the dress at Old Navy (what else is new, right?). This one was $4.47 on clearance. I'm sure you guys get sick of me posting about Old Navy clearance, but I can't help it. I love the place! The shoes that I'm wearing are from Call it Spring . They were on clearance when I bought them for $7.48 (I bought the brown and black pair). They are still on clearance now, but for $9.98, which is still a great deal.

I wore the dress out with my girls to an event that a friend of ours was hosting. Check out the very fashionable Raynardo Williams of Nardo Wardrobe Consultants. I snapped a few pics before I left for the event. I had no idea that we would go out clubbing afterwards, but we went where the night took us. We always have a great time when we're out, and this was no exception.

Please excuse the hair. It's big and crazy right now. Hubby called me Chaka Khan before I left the house. I just took it as a compliment and kept it moving. HA!

Until next time...

Color Palette 

Dress - Old Navy
Shoes - Call it Spring
Accessories - Claires

The Ladies! 




Hey peeps!! I was chosen to be interviewed/featured over at The Ultimate Lifestyle Blog!! I'm so excited because after starting my Tumblr page, I was welcomed with so much support from Ashuri. Although I'm still getting used to Tumblr, her website and Tumblr are sites that I now visit regularly. Head on over to check it out!

Also, I want to thank everyone who stops by, comments and tweets with me. Thank you for your continued support of Spoon Full of Sugar. I have so much fun chronicling my looks, trying new things and learning from others.

BTW, Are we Facebook FriendsTwitter Buddies? If not, stop on by! Lets chat! =D

Until next time...


Pattern & Color

Happy Monday!!!

I promise, I haven't been lazy. I just wasn't inspired to take pics last week. You know how it is when you're bloated, nothing fits right, and you're just not feeling it? At least I hope I'm not the only one who gets like that :/ Anyhoo, this week is better, and I will have a few outfits to post.

I was good on Sunday and got all of my outfits ready for the week. I love it when I do that. The only downside is the possibility waking up in the morning, and not feeling like wearing what I have laid out. Hopefully that won't happen to me this week. I plan to wear another dress and a skirt. Please keep in mind that I live in Minnesota. The weather can be finicky, so these are pretty lofty goals. =D

Let me say that I LOVE this dress. It's yet another one of my Old Navy clearance finds at the fantastic price of $11.47!! It's so comfy and light, and the pattern is too cute. Let me also say how refreshing it was to wear heels without the platform on the front. Don't get me wrong, I love me some platforms, but this was a nice change. With that said, I have a CUTE pair of brown platforms that I will be sporting tomorrow. Ha!

My pop of color comes from a super cute necklace from Eloqiuu. I won it in a giveaway from Jen over at Literal Gemini. Thanks Jen!! I got compliments on it all day long.

Until next time...

Dress - Old Navy
Necklace - Eloquii (won in a giveaway)
Shoes - Marshalls


Fall into Spring...

Happy Friday everyone!! I'm off work today. Just kicking back and relaxing after such a hectic week has been completely refreshing. It's raining and cloudy outside, so this has been the perfect day to curl up in bed and watch the Soul Food series marathon. I used to love that show. And speaking of love...

I love this blazer! I got this wonderful linen piece from the Old Navy Outlet for a mere $11.47! I scooped this bad boy up with the quickness. I know it's Spring, but I the weather here in Minnesota is acting so funny that it feels like Fall! It was 31 degrees yesterday morning... a very chilly morning. So, I decided to wear Fall colors. Pairing my leopard babies with this outfit seemed like a no-brainer. Also, I'm feeling my ponytail with my little side swoop bang. lol

Enjoy your weekend!! =D

Until next time...

Color Palette
Blazer - Old Navy Outlet
Buttondown shirt - Old Navy Outlet
Pants - Target
Shoes - Target


Same Colors, Different Day...

Happy Easter & good afternoon!!

As usual, I hope you guys had a great weekend. Weekends go by so fast, but usually they are refreshing.

In my last post, I wore a colorful striped skirt from Old Navy. This post I'm wearing a cutie pa-tootie colorful striped dress from Target. When I saw this dress in the store, I briefly checked it out, but didn't try it on. I honestly didn't think it would look cute on, but I loved the colors. The next few days, I saw one of my favorite blogger buddies wearing this bad boy. This post over at Curves and Confidence had me convinced that I loved the dress and wanted one for myself.

When I bought the dress, I had no idea what shoes I would wear with it. Two weeks ago, I picked up a pair of Air Force 1s and my mind immediately went to wearing them with this dress. I know a lot of my lovely readers don't wear gymshoes/sneakers, but I love them. I incorporate them into my wardrobe often, and I think they worked well here.

Until next time...

Color Palette

Jacket - Kohls
Dress - Target
Shoes - Foot Locker


Sunshine on a Cloudy Day...

It's only been a week, but it feels like forever. Oh, how I've missed blogging. I've also been slacking on my blog commenting too. Sorry about that, but I'm back on it this week.

Side note: My hair. *sigh* It's a mess. I did a bantu knot-out last night, and once the wind got ahold of it, that was all she wrote.

I hope everyone's weekend was nice. Mine sure was! Without further ado, on to the OOTD! I love this skirt. I snagged it at Old Navy... clearance of course. It's a little big around the waist, but I will take it in a bit to fit. It's quite cloudy out today, but the colors in this skirt are so pretty, they made me smile.

Until next time...

Shout out to my sis-inlaw Regina. She saw me taking pics outside and decided to stop by to get in on the action =D

White Tee - Dots
Skirt - Old Navy
Shoes - Old (forgot where I got them)
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