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Rock on witcha bad self...

Played it pretty safe with the last post. Now it's time to step out again. This past summer, my sis-inlaw gave these faux leather leggings to me after she thought they didn't work for her. I had been wanting a pair for a while, but didn't know if they would work for me either. I figured this was the perfect way to find out. I absolutely love them, but here's the thing... They're hot (looking & temperature wise lol) my legs were sweating a little bit. They're also a bit noisy. I know some of you don't have this problem, but my thighs do a little rubbing! Maybe it's TMI, but it's true. These leggings don't let you forget it, LOL!

The top, is actually the infamous blog world Old Navy sweater dress. When I first wore the dress, I thought... This is one of those pieces that you only wear once in a while because while beautiful, it's so loud and eye catching. When I looked at it in my closet, I wanted to wear it again so bad and thought, why fight it? PUT IT ON. And I did, but as a sweater, not a dress. I feel all rocker chic in this outfit. Until next time...

Sweater dress - Old Navy
Faux Leather Leggings - Khols (given to my by sis-inlaw)
Shoes - Madden Girl - Herbergers


  1. Girl yes!! You rocked those. I told you that you can make them work appropriate. They look really good!


  2. Yes ma'am...great idea. Because you look so fab, you've inspired me to do the same. Actually, the fabulous Ms. Prissy actually have the sweater and I thought that's what she did (rock out the dress as a sweater) when she recently showcased it. You would have thought I would have figured to do it then...but no. DUH! That's why I love the fashion blog world. You ladies give me so much inspiration.


  3. Nice look...Love the shoes and the sweater..




  4. Love those leggings on you girl!

  5. You sure did rock them! This entire outfit is fabulous! Love that sweater!

  6. I am so obsessed with those leggings on you. I am on such a hunt for leather leggings that I can rock as pants. ENVIOUS!!

  7. Love those leggings, I know what you mean about the "noise" I donated mines after one wear! You are rocking them, and they look great with the stripes.

  8. I say wear what you want - when you want. Great look. I feel you about the thigh thing. I was walking the other day and stopped - looked around only to realize it was ME making all that noise. lol


  9. Love the top!

    xo Ashleigh


  10. This is an amazing look for you!!! I love you in bold colors and the form fitting pants look great!

  11. Love the creativity girl!! Werk it! Those leggings are haute! And not its not TMI, my legs rub together too...especially when im wearing shorts lol.


  12. Nice Rwmix of the dress! I love it with those pants.. I have yet to wear my dress because I have seen so many beautiful divas rock it so well , including you :)

  13. You look soooooooooooooo good in colours, I would wear them all the time if I were you.
    Killer shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. Where did you hear that? That you should wear it only once in a while because it's an eyecatching print? I've seen that sweater dress from Old Navy on all the blogs but I can't find it. I would be remixing the hell out of htis. Wearing a polka dot skirt over the bottom...wearing a white collared shirt under it with a popped color then another cropped sweater of it....honey....I would wear it out!!!

  15. I appreciate each and every one of you FAB ladies! Thank you for the comments!

  16. LOL @ GFS!! I guess I just didn't want to feel like I was wearing it all the time. My own issues. You just gave me life with all of those suggestions! You have no idea! It's on now!! YEA!!

  17. This top is very cute. I just seen a lady at work with something similar to this. I think she wore it would some colored tights. But I love u put it with some leggings. I dont have a leather pair. But u mos def put the idea in my head. Time to go SHOPPING!

  18. Oh you look sooooo FABBBB!!! You did a lovely job of reworking that dress. I almost didn't recognize it! HAUTE!

  19. first - LOVE the hair, your set came out gorgeous!!! i'm gonna scroll down to see if you already gave up the deets before I ask a bunch of questions.

    Second - LOVE the outfit! i really want a pair of "leather" leggings, but I'm so trying to not buy clothes especially ones that aren't work appropriate cause then i really can't justify the expense! lol.

  20. This look suits u o so well! Loving the pants w/ the bold stripes :)


  21. You rocked those stripes! Cute look!


  22. You look amazingly fabulous! Your right, that old navy find is a blogger thang, but I must be the only blogger that can't find it. I've surely tried! Anyway I love your look and the faux leather pants. I recently found a pair I can't wait to wear. I like how you wore the dress as a top too. Great blog!

  23. Yay for wearing leggings as pants! You can totally rock this look.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  24. Hi, my name is Sophia and my thighs rub too. I dont trust people whose thighs dont touch. Im kidding of course. I dont have a pair of leggings like those but Ive always wanted some. Maybe this year Ill get myself some. Way to get on with your bad self.


  25. I have that sweater too! I love the way you outfitted yours!

    Lindsey Turner

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