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Houndstooth tights... not for me

After having a Twitter chat with @deepQueenDiva, I realized that I didn't have enough tights in my wardrobe to try and look fabulous throughout the wonderfully cold Minnesota Winter months. lol! I ran out to Target and bought a few pairs of tights. This Houndstooth print was so cute on the rack. I still think they are cute, but they just may not be for me. The straight lines curve on my legs because of "what my momma gave me". lol! I'm not really feeling that, but I wore them anyway. I was only able to get a few pics this morning while my daughter was on her way to school (because of the lack of light at 5pm), but from them, I think the point is evident. No more straight line pattern tights for me. Maybe I will stick to colors only. 

P.S., please excuse the bra strap. We were in a hurry. No way Tiana was missing her bus because of Momma's blog pics. LOL!!

Until next time...

Tunic/Dress - Gifted by a friend
Tights - Target
Shoes - Madden Girl - Herbergers
Bag - Coach


  1. Cute outfit, I love the houndstooth tights! so what if they're not perfectly straight! lol :) Nice blog!

    Principessa Gabriella

  2. lol they curve on me too! They still look fab though! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  3. Tights arent as easy as they seem. I like printed tights but find it difficult to style them. I need to work on that though, its a personal challenge. I always go back to black when in doubt.


  4. You look beautiful and love, love those tights!!!!

  5. I love the tights but if you're not comfortable in them that's all that matters. I love your shoes too!



  6. I think you look absolutely fabulous girl!!! Loving those tights!! Im glad you got them! Cant wait to c the others :)


  7. Cute outfit!! I love the tights!! Check out my blog ASassyWoman.Com :)


  8. Well I really like your outfit with the lined tights. So cute!

    I have to go and get more tights too. Target just didn't have enough color for me. I'm wanting to add color this winter. I did notice that Forever21 had various types of tights...colors and everything. I think I'll go back there.

  9. Love your tights girly! xo -Tanesha of GirlWithCurves

  10. A girl can't never have enough tights doll and those are awesome. Looking so pretty.

    <3 Marina

  11. I love those tights how pretty you look gorgoeous girl love it all



  12. I love your outfit and these pictures, you look so good, that dress is really beautiful, the color, the length, the shape are all perfect. You are so beautiful; also those shoes are pretty awesome! Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  13. Those tights are so cool.

  14. I think the tights are awesome and it doesn't matter if they curve... it gives them dimension... thanks for the mention :)

  15. I luv the tights i am so late but cute cute cute


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