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Style Challenge... Day 3

If it seems like I'm complaining a lot about this light issue, that's because I am! lol!! All I can say is, I'm scouting a better place inside to take pics now. There was only one pic that I think came out well. Enough of my complaining (for now) and on to the challenge...

I wore a shirt/dress over a black pencil skirt. I have a different color of the same dress seen here. In the summer I wear them alone as dresses. So, the look is nothing new. I've never tried it with a skirt though. I like it. I also wanted to throw on a pair of shoes that didn't have a platform on them.

Holy tan line Batman!!

This challenge has enlightened me to the fact that I need more fun pieces in my wardrobe. I don't think I will be wearing a skirt tomorrow, because of "Casual Friday". I covered four days (wore a skirt on Monday that didn't count) this week and I think I did pretty damn good. =D Next weeks challenge is dresses. That might be a little tough because I'm in Minnesota, and it's getting COLD, but I think lots of tights and leggings will be in order.  Until next time...

Shirt/Dress - Merona - Target
Skirt - JC Penny
Shoes - ??? (got them forever ago)


  1. Love the overlay of the dress/jacket with the skirt.. Very Cute.. Yes I understand about the cold and lack of light.. I can barely get outside to take anypics .. it's dark when I get up and dark when I get home lol.. Better bring out those tights girl!! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Thanks for the follow. Love the dress/coat and those are some fabulous simple every girl needs a pair pumps! ;-) Kiah

  3. Loving that shirt dress! Great length and great over the skirt xx

  4. I love your jacket!


  5. Love the shirtdress paired with the skirt. It's such a creative and chic look! Thanks for the inspiration ;-)


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