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Hi! I'm Shanticka. My blog is about any and everything that I want it to be. Me, my family, work, personal style, friends, etc. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy getting to know me. Live, in living color.


Gimme da light...

The only thing I knew for sure about today's outfit, was that I didn't want to wear ANY black or tan, and as little brown as possible. I have really been overly rocking those colors lately and it felt kind of boring (with the exception of my blue skirt earlier this week). So, I broke out my blue Old Navy skinnies! The red top that I'm wearing under my jean jacket is actually a halter dress. It's just tucked into my jeans =D.  I rarely ever tuck shirts into jeans, and I haven't worn a regular belt around my waist in forever, so this was different for me. They are usually big belts worn high to cinch in dresses or shirts. HAPPY FRIDAY!! Yay me for taking pics in the daylight! Until next time...

Color Palette

Jacket - Gifted
Top/Dress - Stella Blu (local boutique)
Jeans - Old Navy Outlet
Boots - Payless


  1. this is really a cute and comfy look

  2. I have to admit that I haven't been checking your blog as often as I probly should but I am loving your style. I especially love that white dress made blue skirt outfit the with stripes and cardi... (my fave so far) and I love how you did casual today... pure genius (halter top tucked... brilliant).

  3. Thank you QueenDiva!! I appreciate your honesty, and that's ok. Just come on back now... ya hear!! =D

  4. Just fabulous. Love the denim jacket and the boots.


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