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Weekend Girl...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did. It was my first year cooking dinner. I co-hosted with my sis-inlaw, and I must say that we ROCKED IT!! Everyone enjoyed themselves and the food was fantastic. I was so busy that I didn't know what to do with myself. I think I lost my mind that day. I'm used to just showing up with a pie and getting my grub on. Well, those days are officially over. Went out with hubby for Black Friday at midnight and the only thing I have to say about that is, I'm done with Kohl's for a little while. Oh, and I scored a white pair of pants from Old Navy for $4.47!! I will be wearing those bad boys soon, so be on the lookout for that post. =D

Ok, so I know that not every outfit qualifies as an OOTD post. But with this one, I was proud of myself. I am normally a t-shirt, jeans/sweatpants kind of chick most Saturdays and Sundays... unless I'm really going out or something. But since starting SFS, (HA! I just nicknamed my blog!) I have been trying to find ways to be comfy and cute on the weekends, and I think this outfit accomplished that for me. I felt so comfortable going to the mall today. I started to wear all black, but then decided to throw the striped tunic in there for a teeny bit of something extra. Flats aren't my thing, but I was going for comfort, right?The snow has melted for now, so it was perfect for the weather. Sorry for the blurry pics. The wind was out of control. Until next time...

Pic of me and my baby girl shopping. I bought the purple scarf from Old Navy while we were at the Mall of America. I think it was what my outfit was missing...

Color Palette

Sweater - Old Navy
Striped Tunic - Target
Crop Pants - Gap
Shoes - Kenneth Cole


  1. Cute comfy outfit, I like the striped shirt under that black top. I love the purple scarf too! :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  2. Comfy and cute it is :) your daughter is your lil mini me :) hope u had a great Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

  3. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm glad you did too! I love spending time with family and friends :-)

  4. Casual but cute... that's how I roll on the weekend. And love the purple scarf addition. Adorable... I also see the snow disappeared... lol

  5. Girl, I can totally relate. Since I started this blog, I look at every occassion (even the trip to the local Kmart) as reason to be fashionable. Chic and fashionable or comfy and fashionble...lol. I was lucky to match on Saturdays. Don't judge me. But you did your thing. Way to be cute and comfy!


  6. totally comfy and cute!! chic!

    UGH I love the really good under 10$ finds from Old Navy.... that is a natural high!!



  7. youu look prettyy :)

  8. Very cute, casual and comfortable, my kind of outfit!!

    You totally sound like me when it comes to weekend wear. I try to always look cute, but chic has only been for really going out out. But I am trying to step it up and be cute and chic!!! ;-)

    Carsedra of:



  9. Love the sweater tunic! I want one!!


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