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Who Loves a Deal??...

This girl!! Friday, I saw on Twitter that Old Navy was having a 75% off all adult outerwear sale. I also had my "Super Cash" coupon. I knew I couldn't miss this sale! So Saturday, while running errands with Hubby(as the snow/sleet was coming down), I begged asked him to drive me there. I hate driving in bad weather. Ugh! We got there, and BOOM!! I saw the type of coat that I wanted. I'm a sucker for a cute peacoat. There were a few to choose from,  but I settled on this bad boy and ended up paying a whopping $11.53!! I want to pick up a hat/scarf/mitten combo with a bright color... maybe purple. Something that stands out, since the coat is so low key. I'll be on the hunt for that now.

I also picked up a pair of cute boots(not shown here...see previous post). Total spent, $29.99. I didn't buy nearly as much as I could have/wanted to. I showed an extreme amount of restraint. YAY me!! Until next time...

Color Palette

Coat/jacket - Old Navy
Black shirt - Baby Phat - Herbergers(Boston, Carson Prairie Scott)
Jeans - Ruff Hewn - Herberbers
Cami - Torrid
Booties - Payless


  1. Yay you! Cute coat for under $20...SCORE!!! LOL I loves a good deal too!


  2. What a score!! This coat is fashionable and functional with that snow on the ground! Looking good :o)

  3. That jacket is lovely and for just under $12 bucks...I DIE! I'm so looking to score a deal like this this upcoming weekend.

  4. wow what a bargain!!!

  5. I see you very brave in short sleeves in the snow, LOl.
    Gorgeous coat.
    I am following you now. Number 50 is a round one, yeahhhhhhhhh

  6. I hit up my Old Navy too and bought sweaters for 75% off. I needed just a few to do some layering looks. So glad I went! I haven't been in Old Navy in years. THey have cute stuff.

    I even picked up a few cardi/sweaters for hubby...that was a calculated move though!

  7. Thats a great steal!!! Doesnt it feel great!!!

  8. Nice outfit!


  9. Awesome deal and really cute coat! I love your boots too. :)

    Principessa Gabriella


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