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Style Challenge...

Fellow blogging Diva Toni over at Pretty Dark Girl Style thought of a style challenge for the month of November, and invited others to join in on the fun. I was more than happy to get in on it! This week is the "Wear a skirt" challenge. Here's my take on it. Side note: Please excuse the wrinkles... Sometimes I look better at the beginning of my day, than at the end :D

I promise, there's not a stain on my skirt.

Daily Palatte

I must also add that this skirt has been transformed from a white dress. I dyed it about a year ago because I wore it to a White Party a while back & I figured I would never wear it again in white. Sorry for the blurry pic, but I'm proud of myself for remixing this bad boy! Can you tell from the pics above and below that I LOVE the pockets! 

Cardigan - Target
Stripe Tunic - Target (removed flowers from the shirt and pinned onto the cardigan)
Belt - Target
Dress turned skirt - NY & Co
Shoes - Payless


  1. Cute! *sad face* at it being dark already. Aww noooo, I can't stand it, lol. I love the gray and black stripes. I really believe they go with anything, any color and any occasion! I like the fact that you made your dress into a skirt... with pockets...is there anything better? And the color is such a pretty cobalt blue. Very nice!

  2. You look Super Cute love the mix with stripes and blue... And what a creative idea to remix the white dress.. I have some items that could def use some remixing lol... Thanks again for joining in this challenge and letting all your peeps know :) can't wait to see what u put together tomorrow!

  3. Thank you ladies! Working on my look for today!

  4. Thank you so much gorgeous for your kind wishes.
    You look so lovely in that skirt and white dress.

  5. That skirt is such a gorgeous colour!

  6. I adore your blue skirt and with the stripes its perfect! Kiah

  7. Love that blue skirT!!!

  8. OK dyeing the white dress is a great idea; think I may try it!

  9. that skirt!!!!! wow, I like its colour and shape!!!

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette


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