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Why pay more...?

This outfit didn't really come together like I wanted it to, but I like it nonetheless. I should have added color somewhere. I'm always thinking about color now, but I'm so drawn to black and neutral tones. Oh well... The sweater I got on clearance from Old Navy, and the shoes I copped on sale at PAYLESS. Yea, I said it! Payless. I'm late on the whole nude heel thing, but I still wanted a pair. I saw these babies on sale in Payless for $25 bucks and I said, "Sign me up!". I was even able to get another 10% off because of a scuff that's on the shoe. Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask, right? It was the last pair in my size, and all she could do was say no. But... she said yes.

Another thing that I like about my outfit is the necklace. It was a Christmas gift from Hubby two years ago. At the time, I didn't  see it for the nice piece that it is. My taste has since evolved a bit, and I now know better. It's my favorite part of the outfit. Thanks Hunny!! You were ahead of me on this one. Until next time...

Color Palette

Sweater - Old Navy
Pants - Lane Bryant
Shoes - Komet Platform Pump - Payless


  1. I like your sweater. It's something about those collars that speak to me.

    I want to try some nude shoes too but they are all so uncomfortable to me. You look great.

  2. Love that sweater mama and the shoes are TDF!

  3. I loooove the shoes...Sort of disappointed that you didn't showcase them more.. :( Nice outfit, though..!

  4. I love this fit Missy. I think the neutrality of it all is hot. Some color probably would have worked but I think it looks fine just the way it is. The pumps are fierce!


  5. Awww....the hubby is so awesome! Love the heels.....don't think of it as been late...but waiting to find the perfect pair ;-)

  6. I really love this outfit... I know it was all neutrals but it is really well put together. You look classic & chic :)

  7. Those nude heels are fierce girl!


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