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Gone for a minute...

Again, it feels like forever since I've posted. Ugh! As the days get shorter, it feels like I should be in bed with pj's on sooner. I have to get used to blogging as the seasons change. OAN: I'm so excited that Thanksgiving is coming. I'm so ready for some good eatin! Just greedy! =D

On to the OOTD. I don't own a lot of animal print, but apparently, it's HUGE this season. I have a leopard print dress that I wore once for a nice dinner out with hubby, and I haven't worn it since. This pic was taken last winter.

I have a cheetah corset that I wore to a Masquerade Ball. Again, I haven't worn it since. This pic was taken two years ago.

And now, I have my new cheetah print belt. This belt is my introductory to animal print for every day wear. I picked it up from Walmart (yea, I said it!!) for $2.00!! I really like it too. It's my favorite part of todays outfit. I'm also proud of myself for wearing/owning my very first pair of skinny jeans. I really didn't think that I could get in on this trend because of how short & chunky my legs are (when I was little I wanted my Granny's legs, and now I have them), but hey... I think I look pretty good in the jeans. Chunky and all. Until next time...

Daily Palette

Shirt - Old Navy Outlet
Blue Skinny Jeans - Old Navy Outlet
Belt - Walmart
Shoes - Payless (Another steal at $8!)
Bag - Coach


  1. gorgeous looks love how you're incorporating leopard in your outfits


  2. Can't believe you got that belt for $2! I like the color palette idea to, it adds a nice spin to the posts. This is a nice casual day in the office, very pretty!

  3. Love the outfit: YOU LOOK FAB!

  4. I am loving prints as well that belt was a STEAL


  5. Lovely outfit doll and great prints!! YAY I'm a new follower :)

    <3 Marina


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