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Style Challenge... Day 2

Ok, so I am beyond frustrated with the lack of light when I get home. More now that I'm blogging than ever before. Ugh! Is it bad that I want to leave work early so I can come home and take pics? lol! I wasn't going to post the pics of this outfit because they are so crappy, but since Momma didn't raise no punk, I decided to do it anyways. Today, I decided to put brown together with black again. I'm really starting to like that color combo. I added my cheetah belt for a touch of print. I must say, even though the pics didn't turn out good, I felt fab when I left the house this morning, and got lots of compliments at work about how "sassy" I looked. =D Until next time...

Daily Palette

Sweater - Fashion Bug
Cami - Lane Bryant
Brown Pencil Skirt - JC Pennys last seen here
Belt - Walmart
Nylons/tights - Target
Boots - Naturalizer 


  1. Hey now... Look at you girl... Love the belt.. Animal print just makes any outfit more spectacular... I agree with the co-workers u looking sassy n sexy girl!

  2. Ooh, love this! Get it, girl!!

    And I agree with you on how the lack of daylight makes it hard to take blog pics LOL

  3. Thanks ladies!! I was strugglin this evening. lol!

  4. the belt is a gorgeous touch to the outfit, now if only the lighting was better. but you look good anyway.


  5. Girl I chuckled as I read this because I am in the same boat. I keep looking for excuses to leave work early just to take some freakin pics.smh. The only thing that keeps me from doing it is my photographer (my son) is still in school...lol.

    Sassy you are! This outfit is fab!It accentuates your girlish figure...work!

  6. Sassy is right ... & check out them tights ... love the pattern!

  7. Your tight game is AMAZING!
    You work your colors and patterns. Nice outfit post. good stuff :)


  8. love the belt.




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