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Happy Holidays!

Heeeyyyyy!! First, let me say that it's been really nice so far in Minnesota this winter!! I'm lovin it! So, it's been a full week since my last post. Man, have I been lazy! Recently, I've seen so many posts in the blog world about what people are wearing to holiday parties and events. I'm living vicariously through other people right now because I don't have a fancy party to attend this year. Due to budget cutbacks, the company I work for hasn't had a fancy party in years. =( Well, my blog stalking reading has prompted me to search my closet and put together a few looks that I thought would be appropriate for a holiday/New Years Eve event. Please excuse the picture heavy post. My daughter and I got picture happy. I'm not a red kind of girl so personally, I like the black and leopard. Which look do you like best??

The first dress is from Torrid. This summer, I bought it on clearance for a whopping $14!! I didn't have anywhere to wear it at the time, but at that price, it was a like a waste if money not to buy it! It fits me like a glove in all the right places. I love the sheer shoulder strap on one side.

The second dress is from Baby Phat. I LOVE this dress. I bought it around two years ago. It makes me feel like such a diva. I like the blazer over it for when I'm not trying to have all of my curves out and about. lol! The shoulders of the dress can be worn all the way up, half off the shoulder, or completely shoulder baring. I prefer the half off of the shoulder look.

P.S. At the request of the lovely Sacramento over at Mis Papelicos (love her blog), the pics today are a bit bigger. 


  1. Girllll..

    I dont know! You look hot in both..

    Ok def lovin the red...Fire! Okkk! Hehe

    But then the leopard...

    I say both can choose..You rockin them both out!

    Sorry couldn't be of more help.Hehe




  2. Heyyyyy Ticka... Looking Gorgeous Darling!!! Now this would be a hard choice for anybody cause you look Super Sexy in both :) but i'm partial to the off the shoulder Leopard Print number.. Whew... Go Head Girl, I'm surprised your hubby let you out the house with that dress on! HOTT... LOL.. You need to find somewhere to wear these hot numbers girl!!

  3. I love both too! The first one is unique, you ain't gonna see too many people strutting in that, but the leopard..... you can't do no wrong in leopard!!! And you're looking like KAPOW in both, absolutely beautiful.

  4. Ok I lov ethem bothhhhhhhhhhhhh but since I'm in LOVEEEEEE with animal print I'm gonna go with the 2nd look!!!!! I'm like Pretty Dark GIrl your hubby let you out of hte house in that????!!! lolllllllll too hot!

  5. Thank you ladies! I swear, whenever or where ever I wear either dress, hubby will be right by my side. That way he won't mind. ;D

  6. Hmmmm... I don't know... I love them both because they are so figure hugging... but I have a soft spot for leopard... so if I had a gun to my head I would probably pick that one...

  7. They both look fantastic, but I agree, I especially love the leopard one! Fantastic!!

    I wish our weather was like that! I'm sick of the cold and snow already and we're not quite 2 months into this cold and snowy time of year.

  8. Sacramento always knows best! Love the larger pictures! Girl you know we WISER (not older) women can't see!! lol 1st let me tell you this.....don't ever say you don't look good in red because you DO! That red dress is FIRE!! The leopard dress is amazing and they both accentuate your curves like BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!! You look so sexy BOO!! Kiah

  9. Love the red dress!! :)

    follow me please :)


  10. Classy dresses lovely picks!

  11. love the leopard one!!


  12. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW What a difference,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I can see you now.
    You are gorgeousssssssssssss.
    Well done, so proud!!!

  13. I like them both! I can't believe #1 was only $14!

  14. Ticka!!! Both dress are killer! I don't know which one I like best. Girl you need to find a party (actually two parties) quick so you can show off this fabulousness...lol

    Thank you for the vote! You know the support is mutual :-)


  15. Ow! Ow! Ow! Two hot photos in one post. Girl, they aren't ready.

    You know you're looking fabulous.

  16. You betta werrrrrrrk in that leopard dress! Love it. You look amazing. You have a new follower btw!



  17. Ok, hotness! you look great! leopard prints suit you well.


    Thx for the love on my blog! Much appreciated :)

  18. You look wonderful in both dresses but I love the red dress with the shoes & purse better it has swag & sexiness.

  19. Two absolutely gorgeous looks! You look FAB!!!!

  20. love this dress!!!!!!!!!!!! YES HUNNY!!!

  21. Love the dresses!! You go girl :)


  22. YOU look good in both but for me You look AMAZING IN THE RED ONE;GOD BLESS;


  23. I don't know about your office having a christmas party, but you need to go somewhere, because you are HOT in both of those dresses my dear!

  24. Love the leopard dress! Sexxy

  25. Hot outfit! I need a dress like that in my life! Great blog too!

  26. Now how did I miss this post??? FEIRCE!!!!

    E. Louise


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