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Imma do me...

The below looks show me trying to step outside of my comfort zone, and having a complete #fail. This is not a post where I'm fishing for compliments or anything close. My apologies for the picture heavy post. I just wanted to document for myself, what I look like when I start to try too hard and end up not being me.

The color palette on this outfit I LOVE, but the combination of pieces together just didn't flow right. I had it in my head, but bringing it to life just didn't prove to be as cute as I imagined. The sweater was bulky, and the gauchos just weren't right. The only thing I like is the shoes with the tights, and not combined with the top pieces. They were just too dressy for the casual look.

Sweater - Herbergers
Button down shirt - Herbergers
Gauchos - Lane Bryant
Tights - Target
Shoes - Payless

This next fit, I could have been "fixed" by something as simple as switching out the grey tights for black ones. Again, trying too hard to incorporate the colored tights into my wardrobe. It didn't flow as effortlessly as I would have liked it to. And the blue/white stripe headband... uh, no. lol! 

Corduroy Dress - Old Navy (years ago)
Tights - Target
Booties - Herbergers

For me, blogging is a journey. I'm learning from my style choices. There will be mistakes along the way. This is not to say that I'm not going to try things that are new to me (still working on faux leather pants and pattern mixing). I'm going to keep on keepin on... and documenting along the way. Until next time... 


  1. Even tho the looks didn't work like you wanted them too you won half the battle by stepping outside of your comfort zone. If you keep stepping out eventually you will find a look that u love.

  2. I really like those gauchos and the shoes and the tights. For the top half; try the shirt tucked in and belt the waist of the pants then tye the look together with a blazer.
    a red turtle neck would look cute with those gauchos or even a mustard one.

    And the dress from Old Navy, try an animal print belt like a snake-print that mixes pewter/silver tones or even a leopard belt with brown boots....Some lacey black tights would be cute with the look you created too...
    I find myself taking the ideas I get from other bloggers too, but I make them my own which is important...

  3. Ticka hun, I applaud you for posting your fails. We ALL have them...we are just not bold like you to post them. lol And I know you aren't fishing for compliments but they arent as bad as you think. You seem to already know the fixes. I agree with Tammie's suggestions.

    I also agree with Style...you have to keep stepping out there. You know we are both stepping out there together *wink*


  4. Thanks for the support ladies! The suggestions are definitely appreciated. I'm thinking about how to "correct" the outfits, and will hopefully do a post with the before and after shots soon.

  5. loose the belt on the dress and it would be a hit in my book!!

    those are the perfect opaque tights on you!!!



  6. Good for you to push yourslef out of the comfort zone. That is the best place to get creative.
    Gorgeous shoes.

  7. You have great style..




  8. I love both outfits! Pretty, pretty! :)

    xo -S

  9. I love the shoes in both looks!


  10. I completely understand what you mean about trying new things. How many times have I put on a "color-blocked" outfit only to look in the mirror and SMH at myself? So much so that I have completely missed the trend. Like one poster said, the start is to try new things. Then you can adjust for the next go round. I think we all have those days.

  11. I love the fact that you document your lifts and fails. We all have them I do this when I take pictures of hairstyles I tried. Its a great way to remember what works and what doesnt.

    Good Luck!

  12. I love that you posted your fails... first... I don't think either of them are that bad. I just think the top is too big on the first outfit... and I actually like the second outfit. But I've been told many times I'm my hardest critic... maybe you are too...

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