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Look Good, Feel Great...

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, because whether we like it or not, the work week is upon us (for those of us who don't work weekends, of course). My weekend was good. Didn't do much. The weather here in Minnesota didn't allow for much anyway. It was bitter cold, and the snow came down all day Sunday. Every year, I say I won't complain, but here I am once again… complaining. *sigh* Anyhoo…

If you didn't know, I am the winner of last weeks #BLMgetFit weekly challenge (#BLMMoves). The challenge was to get moving as much as possible throughout the week. I won by submitting the below pic via Instagram of my interpretation of the challenge:

I'm loving everything about the challenges. It's inspiring to see all of the other ladies who submit pictures, and also provide encouragement along the way.

This week, I want to talk about workout clothes. If you haven't noticed from my pics, my go-to "uniform" is a tee (usually v-neck), tank top (to help catch the sweat and protect me from possible plumbers butt), sports-bra, a pair of yoga pants or leggings, socks and my gym shoes. I need to step my game up.

I want to feel good about myself, even while I'm busting my butt and sweatin it up at the gym. I know that some people just throw on an old baggy t-shirt, and basketball shorts or sweatpants and keep it moving. That's all well and good because you get the same workout regardless, right? Sure… Maybe. For me, when I can see what I'm working one, I work harder. When I feel like I look good, I feel great!

I also, want to talk support. That's right ladies!! Bra's and shoes!! Please be sure to wear the proper support to the gym. Having the "girls" bounce all over the place can be pretty uncomfortable, and cause you to not work as hard. Also, it's very unsightly and can cause creepy stares from some of the fellas (to no fault of their own) =D. And remember to care for your bras properly, as replacement can get expensive. Because you don't want to break down the spandex, here are two important rules of care.
  • Wash in cold water. No bleach.
  • Dry it flat, or line dry.

Shoes are very (if not more) important. If you're a runner/jogger, please do yourself a favor and head to your local running specialty shop to get assessed. They can be pretty expensive, so even if you don't end up purchasing from there, at least get the assessment. You will leave more informed than when you walked in. We don't want anyone hurting themselves out here. As for the rest of us, like myself who do light work, a good trainer shoe is all we need.

So lets ditch the baggy/saggy gym wear ladies and get cute in the gym!! I've found that Kohl's has some really cute gear! I ordered a few things myself. Here are a few of my favorites, and it doesn't hurt that they're on sale (you can also use coupon code TENFORBLOG at checkout for through March 9th for an extra 10% off!):

Lets keep up the great work and continue to encourage each other! This weeks challenge is (one bad apple) #SpoilstheBunch. Get inspired to eat (or drink) the recommended two servings of fruit per day and don't forget to share those pics via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag!! 

This weeks health/wellness/inspiration link up is hosted by Beatrice over at Inspired by Beatrice Clay. Make sure you head over to her spot and link up! Thanks for reading to the end, because I know my last few posts have been wordy.

Until next time…

Have you seen my hair all picked out lately?!?! Holy hair Batman!! lol!


  1. Great Post Ticka!!! You inspired me to get in the gym today even tho I didn't really feel like it lol but I have feel great now :) You look fab and keep it up girl!!

    With love,

    1. Awwwww Thanks Ashley!! I'm gonna try! How great is it that you got it in today!?!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lawd, I think this should be a mandatory read. Swinging tatas are not what's hot in the street, ever!

  4. Girl I hear you about the support!!! Its necessary!! Great post :)

  5. Love this post! I know we aren't supposed to go to the gym to look "cute", but having cute workout clothes just makes me feel so much better! I do the regular tank and leggings, but my clothes ALWAYS match! I plan to buy a few new things in the next coming months...and YES to that hair!

  6. I enjoyed reading this post, Ticka! I haven't been to the gym in a while, as I've been working it out at the crib. But when I did go, I always wanted to make sure I looked cute and everything fit properly (especially bras). It motivated me even more and made me feel more confident when I took care to what I put on. My aunt, my then workout partner, always laughed because I stepped in there with all pink everything lol.

    Congratulations on winning the challenge last week and for doing such a great job with your fitness goals. Keep up the good work, girlie! High fives from my way!

    And your hair has grown so! Lol at holy hair batman :p

  7. Great post Ticka! You are looking so good and your hair looks amazing. I am one of those that wears ugly stuff to the gym, but I need to step it up. I would probably feel better if I didn't go to the gym looking so tacky, LOL. I need to check out Kohls for some cute workout gear.

  8. Congrats! Keep it up sista! That oatmeal looks really good btw.

  9. I read this from my phone before but came back to comment! Congrats on winning the challenge! I realize my weigh-ins haven't been showing up but you really help keep me motivated, thank you!

    RE: the hair - WOWZA!!!

  10. Hey Hey Ticka! Congrats on the win and your looks great! This was a very informative post. Shoes also need not be worn for two years, IJS...gotta come out the pocket and protect ourselves when they wear down. New gym clothes always give me a boost. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I'm giving the reader a high five that commented on working out at home. Just as effective if one remains consistent. But I may go to zumba toning every now and then to work out with a friend. I am proud of you Ticka...your consistency is what I need to glean from you!

  12. Congratulations pookie!!! You look so awesome and that hair is FIYAH!!


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