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What's My Motivation…?

Hi everyone!! I'm a day late on my weekly posts that I'm trying to keep up with, but I'm here now. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week ahead!!

Unless you haven't been checking in on me lately (shame on you), you already know about the #BLMgetFit Challenge that I'm a part of. Since starting the challenge, I've been discussing things that are going on with me along the way of this challenge.

This week, I want to talk motivation. Motivation is essentially the reason to act a certain way or do a particular thing. What makes you do the things you do. Good or bad, right or wrong. In the words of the ever so eloquent 2 Chainz, "They ask me what I do and who I do it fah!"

One of my workout jams. Feel free to judge. It gets worse, believe me. Ha! ;)

The initial reason for my interest in starting and maintaining a healthier, more active lifestyle was the number on the scale. I swear, if you guys could have seen my face back in June when I stepped on the scale at a health fair I attended, you would have thought I'd seen a ghost. Everyone always says, stuff like, "Don't worry about the number on the scale", or "You're more than just a number when it comes to beauty", which is all true… But it was daunting to me.

As I've started to decrease that number, my reasons have started to shift a little bit.  I'm now more concerned with my overall health as far as blood pressure, diabetes and heart health. Certain things run deep within my family on both my mother and fathers sides, and I want to be on the preventative end of these conditions as I get older. I want to make sure that I can move freely without feeling tired. I want to continue to keep up with my soon to be 8 year old son, who runs me raggedy every chance he gets.

As you can see, Oatmeal & fruit is my go-to breakfast. It keeps me full throughout the morning.

And last, but certainly not least, I want to make sure that I'm keeping it right and tight for that man of mine. Don't get me wrong, I've always thought that I was/am the sexiest thing on God's green earth to him, and he's never made me feel any different. I just want to ensure that those wonderfully handsome eyes of his remain fixated on this here. POW!!

Messing around in the Old Navy dressing room this past weekend. I got the camel one, and the purple wrap dress.

Bathroom shots are as good as it gets these days :(

The above may not be motivation for some people to get going with fitness and health, but they are MY reasons, and that's good enough for me.

Until next time…

Tell me, what's your motivation?

**Don't forget!! The weekly challenge information, as well as the link up for this week is over at Brittons spot My Big, Beautiful Life, so head on over and LINK UP!!! **


  1. You've truly changed; from inside and out. I like the reasons you stated. Good Health should be an important part of each individual's life. It all starts from one step. Step by step, until you've reach your goal. When you get there, don't stop, but maintain what you have.

    You're an inspiration, Ms. Ticka! :)

  2. My motivation is vanity inspired. I want to look good in my outfit pictures and my clothes. But I will add that I'm taking a stress management class and exercise makes the body more equipped to handle stress.

  3. You look fabulous! Keep up the dieting and inspriation!
    I'm following, hope you follow also!

  4. Get it, get it Ms. Ticka!!! You are looking great and I meant to tell you...you hair is growing fabulously!


  5. I initially wanted to be more fit due to vanity. I've always been straddling that line between plus size @ straight size so it was hard to shop (too big for one, too small for the other) so I wanted to increase my shopping options. Then I really wanted to be healthy b/c I am exposed to a lot of ppl w/ medical problems due to obesity through my job, and one of my greatest fears is that I am being chased but I'm too out of shape to get away. Congrats on your progress also far!

  6. I know that's right! I was like you and decided that I wanted to do it for looks, but since then, my focus has changed. It's more about health now. Also I'm not trying to do it to be skinny either! I never really wanted to be thin! Healthy curves! :-)

  7. You betta get it girl!!!! You are looking ever so FABULOUS!!!!!


  8. My main motivation is very vain to be honest. I want to look ravishing in my clothes, lol. But seriously, I understand the need to be healthy especially with a family history of hypertension and diabetes. Love the camel and purple dresses you purchased!

  9. My motivation is that I don't want to be lazy when it comes to my weight. I'm always ready for the family, work and friends, but when it comes to me and what makes me happy, up until recently I could never find the time.

    My youngest was born 5 years ago and up to 6 months ago, the last added 10 lbs were just not going anywhere. I realized that they would stay on me forever if I didn't act. So I did. I'm down 7 lbs now. I'll go as far as my body will take me. I just love working out now :-)

  10. looking fab!! good luck with the challenge. oatmeal and fruit is my go to breakfast mon-fri...literally eat it everyday.

  11. Those dresses look cute on you. Keep going sis!

  12. What gorgeous dresses! My reasons to be motivated mirror yours: I don't want to put myself at risk for diabetes or high blood pressure (runs in the family) and I want to be comfortable in everything I wear. You're making amazing progress and look great. Keep up the awesome work because you are one of the motivators I look to.

  13. amazinggggggggggg xxxx

  14. My motivation is that I have more energy when I go to the gym regularly, I like the way my booty looks and I gots to get a boo so I gotta keep it together til then lol! You look good girl, I check you out on Instagram getting it in!

  15. so proud of you you've been doing your thing dont think I dont see it on instagram honey you go girl keep up the great work!

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