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Hey peeps!! As usual, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. This is kind of long, so... don't say I didn't warn you :)

I'm sooooo excited about this post! As you all know, I have been workin on my fitness a lil bit lately. Well, I have teamed up with some fabulous ladies from a blogger group (of which I am a member) called Bloggers Like Me in hopes to step my efforts up a notch or two.

If you don't know about Bloggers Like Me, it was started by the fabulous Leslie Hendricks Young of Fashion du Jour Daily. The group includes all kinds of blogging divas from diverse genres of the blogosphere. At this time, it is a closed FaceBook group, so if you have a FB page, feel free to click the link and request to be a member. You won't regret it (tell'em I sent ya!). The support and information that is shared amongst the ladies is priceless. **Side note** Women ONLY =D

Ok, so I went off on a little tangent, but I'm back now. Today kicks off our 3 month long #BLMGetFit challenge (the button below leads to the BLM FB Fan Page, which is open to everyone)!! I'm co-hosting the challenge with Britton of My Big, Beautiful Life, Dee Dee of Miss Foodie Fab & Beatrice Clay of Inspired by Beatrice Clay. Quite a few of us have decided to pay an entry fee of $10, and whoever loses the largest percentage of bodyfat wins the pot!! Isn't that cool!? Our Challenge is sponsored by Michelle at Eat Style Play, who will be offering products and services from Beach Body Coach, to be included in our grand prize package.

Because 3 months is a long time, we've incorporated smaller weekly Instagram & Twitter challenges to keep us motivated. This weeks challenge is #WaterWasted. That means, increase your water intake. We can all benefit from that, right?! If you want to follow along for fun, you can search for #BLMGetFit to see all of the entries. The weekly winners will receive blog promotion from the BLM group on all social media outlets (Pinterest, Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc.) for that week.

While the challenge is open to only the members of the BLM group, I invite all of my lovely readers to join me in my quest for making better/healthier choices. My co-hosts and I will host weekly link ups, on our pages so everyone can participate and link any health inspired posts that you may be writing about. The link up this week is over at Brittons spot My Big, Beautiful Life, so head on over and LINK UP!!! Be on the look out next week for who will be hosting the link up.

On another note, I don't have really have any OOTD pics to show at this time, but all words and no pics is kind of odd for my blog, so here goes nuthin!

Until next time...

At the gym walkin it out

OOTD: Old Navy Blazer, Target Tee, Old Navy Rockstar skinnies, Target Booties

Yup… you guessed it! lol

Not sure where I got this sweater from, but I like it!! Tank from Rue 21

Gym & Food. Making better food choices =D

Rue 21 Jacket, Old Navy Dress, Market Scarf, Target Leggings, Minnetonka Moccsins

Gym & food… again 


  1. Awesome post. So informative. Can't wait to see how we all look when it's done.

  2. You have been really doing a great job.. I SEE YOU GIRL! Def stay insprired and keep up the great job :) I know you will be looking SUpa Sexy this Spring / Summer can't wait to see it :)


  3. While reading I thought about joining FB just so I can be apart of the fun! I do want to keep up my personal fitness journey though and I must say it is inspiring how you turned something that you Wanted to do into something you Are doing! Annnd its paying off !!!

  4. Great post! Thanks so much for co-hosting this with me! Can't wait to see the results from everyone.

  5. I really need to do this too. Good luck on everything!

  6. What a fabulous challenge! I need someone to challenge me with eating. I'm so dang greedy!!! Good luck boo :-)

  7. I'm hitting the workout today!


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