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Hanging In There...

Hey peeps!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! I know I did. Sharing time with family and friends is always a wonderful thing! Add in presents, and you've got yourself a party!! lol! 

Being that it's been almost a month since the last time I've blogged, I'm ashamed to call myself a blogger. With no camera, no no natural light, and the freezing temps, I been strugglin y'all! 

I've still been going strong with my workouts (with the exception of the past week or so). Now that the holidays are over, I'm back on my grind though. I'm still smitten with my hair. The growth over the past few months has been nothing short of awesome. And lastly, I have recently taken a liking to scarves... As you'll see below.

I'm including a few basic snapshots of my goings on via Instagram (again). I'm hooked! I truly love it over there =D. Won't you join me?!?!?

Now I'm off to visit all of your blogs. Until next time...

I love me some bathroom photo-shoots!

You can always catch me at the gym. That sweat is real folks!!

OOTD= Old Navy Blazer, Old NavyStriped skirt, Steve Madden heels

This was a Curves and Confidence inspired look. I'm so upset that I couldn't get pics of the entire outfit =(

I'm sure people think I'm crazy taking pics in the gym all the time, Ha! (never mind the crazy hair)

OOTD = Rue 21 Top, Target Scarf, Old Navy Skinnies & Target boots. That's been my "go to" lately

Again?? Yup!

I just wanted to toss in a throwback pic for kicks and giggles (that's me in the yellow, ha!)

Todays OOTD = Gifted Jean jacket, Forever 21 Skinnies, Sears Scarf & Target Boots

Me and my babygirl on Christmas Eve. I'm trying to get to her hair level!

OOTD = Herbergers Dress, Target Leggings, Old Navy Scarf and Target Boots (BTW, I love my puff in this pic)

It's true what they say… Black is slimming! =D

OOTD = Old Navy Striped Skirt, Rue 21 Jean Jacket, Market Scarf & Target boots

I'm back behind the wheel of my car!! I was using public transportation for a while there. It's good to be rolling again!

Hubby copped me another pair of J's for Christmas!! I was sooooo excited!


  1. Glad you had a great Christmas! I always enjoy your posts. You gettin' it in at the gym. I gotta get back at it cause my side view is looking faulty LOL!. The holidays and all these carbs got me but I'm back at it soon. You inspire me lady!

  2. I need to get my scarf collection up to your level! Oh and your hair looks gorgeous!

  3. ok i see you! love the outfits and I see you keeping it up in the gym! get it!


  4. Keep up the hard work girl! Loving the hair :)


  5. Go head Ticka those workouts are paying off girl!! I see your precession, and hope you get a camera soon,, but lucky I follow ur Instagram and twitter so I get to keep up with ya :) Glad to see you and your family had a Merry Cristmas! Happy New Year to you :)

  6. Keep up the hard work lady..looking good! You had some cute looks too :-) Happy Holidays!!

  7. You are giving motivation to hit the gym. Loving the looks.


  8. Great looks lady and keep up the great job looking so fabulous. Happy Holidays doll.

    <3 Marina

  9. Your hair has grown so much and looks great on you!! Gurl I am proud of you sticking to working out and getting healthy. It's been a struggle for me the past couple of months for some reason. I will get it together though, cause my body feels different and sluggish/tired when I don't workout on the regular. Plus, I am tried of saying I am going to get into those pants and that dress all the time and never get there!!! :-(

    Carsedra of:



  10. Lookin FLY Girl! I like that muscle!!!!! It was bigger than a mug and inspiring too...

  11. Go girl! I need to be getting back on that gym grind too

    Also, I recently launched my eyewear line, Enerjiee , I'd appreciate it if you check it out!

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  12. Your hair is just fab and how great that you are loving the gym...you look great while at the gym by the way!

  13. You look great! I love scarves, too. I own lots of them and I'm always looking for more ;-) (I grew up in France, that's probably why).

  14. I like the purple scarf. I've been trying to work out more often lately too.

  15. Girl in the orange is really going at it and you look cute in the throwback picture.



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