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All Compliments Are Not Created Equal...

Hey peeps!! I've been MIA for a lil bit on the blog, but I have good reason. Hubby and I are searching for a home!! It's exciting, nerve wrecking and scary all at the same time. It's keeping us busy though. Please hang out/connect with me on Twitter & Instagram. I'm there on a regular basis with my antics and random pics. With that said… Blog Family, I have something on my mind.

The few faces of yours truly ;)

Attention: This is a small rant. It'll be over soon, I promise.

I may be a part of a small percentage of plus or straight sized women who feel this way, and you might not agree with me. But if I can't let it all out here, then where, right??!!

Whenever I see articles or blogs about body types, our shapes are compared to the rectangle, the hourglass, the pear and the apple.

All of the advice for dressing said shapes is geared towards making us appear to look like the hourglass. Everything from the A-line skirts/dresses to cinched waisted tops, belts and a host of other items. God forbid an "apple" actually be alright with her wonderfully made round top portion. Would it be so bad if the "rectangle" loved her straight muscular build? And what about the "pear"? Would the world end if she was fine with the fact that her bottom half is larger than her top half and didn't try to "trick the eye" into thinking there was balance?

As I continue on my health/fitness journey, I've found that I'm not concerned about what patterns or pieces of clothing make me look slim. I joked on FB that I'm an "hour JUG", cause ain't no glass over here!! LOL! I'm here, in all of my glory. Bumps, curves, lumps and all. Granted, I'm doing things these days to decrease said bumps, curves and lumps, but I'm more concerned about what I feel good in. That's what works for me. I wear belts over shirts and things like that to accentuate certain parts of my body, but I'm never trying to pass my frame off as something it's not. Here's one of the comments that I don't like, "That pattern is really slimming on you." Not my concern. And contrary to what some people think, feeling and looking good does not equal looking or feeling thin... for me anyways.

Yes, my hair looks a mess, but hey. It's not a beauty contest. That elliptical don't play! 

I said all of that to say this. Wear what you wear because YOU want to wear it. Not because someone said this is how you should present yourself. If you are into A-Line or pencil skirts because you love the look, then by all means, do you. But if you're an "apple" shape and damn near passing out because you have a tight belt around your waist because someone told you it's needed... Please re-evaluate. Or if you're a "pear", and you're running around in a hot blazer with shoulder pads in the summertime because someone told you that you need to create balance... Please re-evaluate. In the words of Sweet Brown, ain't nobody got time for that!!

My outfit on Valentines Day. I loved the J's with the skirt.

Last but certainly not least, I am your link-up host for this weeks #BLMgetFit Challenge. The IG and TwitPic challenge is #LBSGone. Find some way to show us how many pounds you've lost throughout the week through pictures. Be sure to use the hashtags #BLMGetFit and #LBSGone so your pic will be counted!! LINK UP with your fitness/motivational inspired posts!!


  1. Hmmm... I don't have a healthy link to link my post up as I'm hosting Manicure Monday! Would you consider a Manicure Healthy???!!! Lol!!!! *Shrugs, I do* lol!

    That 1st photo of you is darling also RANT on!!!! Like you says what better place to do it! Women if all sizes embrace it and learn to love them selves 1st & wear what makes them feel comfortable no one can do you like you!!!! Wear it & wear it well!!!! Toddles...


  2. Preach it Ticka!!! I love this post and you are looking great! When I see your pictures each day of you in the gym you motivate me more and more to stay focused because I surely get off tasked lol. Go girl :)

    WIth Love,

  3. You're right; we were thinking along the same lines today. So very well said Ticka!! Who cares what your shape, wear what makes you feel good each day! At the end of the day, you have to feel good to exude confidence, and no one is stylish and fabulous without confidence.

    I love the valentine day outfit with the Js!! Too cute!! Oh, and I see you hitting the workouts hard :-).

  4. I agree Ticka. I'm a proud "Apple" and doing this or that won't really change that. I wear what I feel looks good on me and makes me feel confident.

  5. I love this and totally agree. It is what it is, no matter my shape, size, form, weight WHATEVER, all I want to do is look and feel cute. Period. And that means wearing whatever I want! You are so cute and are making me want some Jordans! :)

  6. I love this and totally agree. It is what it is, no matter my shape, size, form, weight WHATEVER, all I want to do is look and feel cute. Period. And that means wearing whatever I want! You are so cute and are making me want some Jordans! :)

  7. Well said! Keep up the great work, I have been so inspired by my fellow BLMGirls ;-)

  8. I definitely agree! I dress in what makes me feel good, I don't really care what people "think" makes me look good! I don't even really know what my fruit shape is! Goes to show how much I really care...LOL! I agree with Lexy too! I want some J's now!

  9. "That pattern makes you look so small!" As opposed to me looking like a whale other times? Why, thank ya! Seriously, though, you've been doing great work and I'm glad you're accentuating all your curvaceous glory.

  10. Wishing you lots of luck on your health and fitness journey, keep up the great work! I think whatever a person's shape they should wear clothing that they feel good in, comfortable in and that compliments them.

    Fitnessbuster Supporting you in getting your fitness and nutrition back on track

  11. Loving this look on you with the J's.


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