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Progress is Success...

Happy Monday y'all!! My weekend was great! It was filled with mostly a whole lot of nothing, which is exactly how I like it. I don't really like scheduling things to do on my weekend time, you know? I feel like it's for doing things that I want to do, when I want to do them. I was able to do just that, and I was happy. How do you like to spend your weekends? Scheduled, or free??

This weeks post isn't about weekends or freedom. Again (and for a while to come), it will be about my fitness journey. A while ago, I said that I wouldn't turn this blog into a fitness blog, but that's all I'm up to lately!! No, really. It's true. Please hang in there with me as I go through this. I promise OOTD posts will be back. Soon.

As I explained in my previous post, myself as well as #BLMGirls Britton of My Big, Beautiful Life, Dee Dee of Miss Foodie Fab (this weeks link-up host) and Beatrice of Inspired by Beatrice Clay have teamed up to bring the #BLMgetFit challenge!! Week 1 went great for me! I lost 3lbs, and I rocked out on our #WaterWasted challenge!! I was able to get in at least 96oz of water for five out of the seven days! While that may not be much for some, it was a grip for me. I was a very close friend of the bathroom… And still am because even though the weekly challenge is over I haven't stopped.

This weeks challenge is #NoSweetsWeek. This means NO sweets all week long. No candy, no cakes, no cookies, NADDA!! Not even if it's low fat. None. Day one went well, as I have been cutting back on these types of things already, so I'm confident I can make it through. For all of my #BLMGetFit participants, you can start submitting pics on Instagram as well as Twitter with your interpretation of this challenge (be sure to use hashtag #NoSweetsWeek).

***As I mentioned above, Dee Dee over at Miss Foodie Fab is hosting our weekly link up for health inspired posts! Please head over and link yourself!! NOTE: You do not have to be part of the challenge to share your health and/or motivational posts. This is open to all of my readers.***

And without further ado, I share my Insta-life…

Check the socks yo!! =D

All (mostly) black with a pop of color

I don't like the bikes because they hurt my butt… All pain, no gain!

I felt so sassy in this cream blazer from Dots & my Old Navy trouser pants!

Old Navy dressing room fun. I like it, and I bought it!! pssst… It's a size large =D

One of my #WaterWasted pic submissions

A little #throwbackThursday action. Don't ask me why I was 15 on Santa's lap :P

This was dinner last night. Shrimp Stir-Fry. YUM!!!


  1. Great job Ticka! You did awesome. 3 Ibs. Woah!

  2. You are definitely my 'get fit' inspiration. I am working on getting my healthy eating on. I have the gym on lock, but food is my kryptonite, LOL!

  3. I've been under the weather so I'm off exercise until Wed...then its crunch time...I need some new sneaks cause mine are worn down though...That's gotta count for something!
    Congrats on the three pounds!

  4. Woohooo... Ticka!!!!! You ate on it girlie!!'nm you betta do it then!!!!! Such Motivation!!!!! But I did LOL about the bike & your booty!!!! Lol!!!!


  5. Yay for progress!! 3 lbs is awesome Ticka! I love those trouser jeans, and those Old Navy stripes look fabulous on you.

  6. get it girl! I think I might have to hop on the #BLMgetfit. keep it up love!


  7. Go Ticka! Sooo proud of you! We got this thing! Good luck on #NoSweetsWeek because we all know how that went for me! LOL!

  8. Get it gurl!!!

    Carsedra of:



  9. looking good - you go girl!!!


  10. Oh, I wish I could give up sweets for a week! Keep up the goo work sister-girl!

  11. Go Ticka! GFL-Gym, Food and Laundry-love it. Your looking fantastic and so is the hair.

  12. Yay!! Go Ticka!! So proud of you. Congrats on your loss of 3 pounds. Woot woot! You look great mama.

    With Love,

  13. You are looking good and I'm loving that Old Navy dress.

  14. You look great! Congrats on the loss. Yeaaaaaa!



  15. Girl you're looking more fabulous each day!! I love following you on IG because I get to see your pics in progress daily.

    <3 Marina

  16. Girl, you are so fabulous. Keep up the great work!


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