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Same Colors, Different Day...

Happy Easter & good afternoon!!

As usual, I hope you guys had a great weekend. Weekends go by so fast, but usually they are refreshing.

In my last post, I wore a colorful striped skirt from Old Navy. This post I'm wearing a cutie pa-tootie colorful striped dress from Target. When I saw this dress in the store, I briefly checked it out, but didn't try it on. I honestly didn't think it would look cute on, but I loved the colors. The next few days, I saw one of my favorite blogger buddies wearing this bad boy. This post over at Curves and Confidence had me convinced that I loved the dress and wanted one for myself.

When I bought the dress, I had no idea what shoes I would wear with it. Two weeks ago, I picked up a pair of Air Force 1s and my mind immediately went to wearing them with this dress. I know a lot of my lovely readers don't wear gymshoes/sneakers, but I love them. I incorporate them into my wardrobe often, and I think they worked well here.

Until next time...

Color Palette

Jacket - Kohls
Dress - Target
Shoes - Foot Locker


  1. Very cute dress! I love the colors! I don't wear sneakers much, though I own a few, but I think sneakers with a dress is very cute!

  2. that dress is so cute!! and it perfect with that jeans jacket :-)

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  3. Looks like we're going to have to do a switcharooo...You with the forces, me with the Js...Every time I see a pair I like though, they don't have my size. When I do get some, Imma do an outfit post!

  4. That dress is super cute Ticka, love it


  5. I love it! The colors are awesome and it looks great with the sneakers and denim jacket. Very cute Ms. Lady.

  6. I like it with the Wifey's (ain't that what they call Air Force 1's? IDK, that might be old slang now, lol)! That's a very pretty dress, and obviously more versatile than I would have imagined because it is cute and sporty with the sneakers and denim jacket. Most people would probably do a sandal, but that's so typical. Very nice!!

  7. Wonderful dress Ticka. The sneakers play it down beautifuly.

  8. Love the bright colors and the swing style skirt!

    And thanks for the prayer cloth suggestion. I am so going to get one :-)

  9. So cute, love the colors!!


  10. That's an awesome dress and I like you paired with the trainers!

  11. i love this dress on you! #werkit

  12. good throw on dress!

  13. owwwww get it girl lol xoxo

  14. Such a cute dress! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  15. I really love that dress! and your denim jacket gives it just the right amount of OOMPH!!!!!! You look cute!

  16. The dress worked well with the tennis shoes and the jean jacket! Me LIKEY!

  17. Cool sneakers! Your outfit looks great.


  18. That's such a pretty dress so spring/summer perfect. Looking super cute doll.

    <3 Marina

  19. How fun is this outfit! I love the colors. You look really cute Ticka!


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