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Imma Rockstar...

Happy Friday peeps!! I know I don't even have to ask if everyone is glad it's Friday. It's a given around these parts.

I wanted to show you guys another pair of my favorite jeans. Enter Old Navy "Rockstar" jeans. These skinnys are fab-u-lous!! They have just the right amount of stretch, and don't lose their shape after being worn all day.

Seriously, I never saw myself in colored jeans until months & months ago, the ever stylish Rocquelle over at Consider Me Lovely posed the question, "Are you into colored denim?". Soon after that, I saw these babies on clearance at Old Navy and thought, "Why not try'em?"... Especially if I only pay a fraction of the price. The worst that could happen is I hate them, and either take them back, or throw them in the donation pile. As you can see, neither happened.

Until next time…

PS, I am tripping off of how 'perfect' my afro looked! All I needed was a pick stuck in the top. LOL!

Top - Lane Bryant
Jeans - Rockstar  (I don't see this color anymore) - Old Navy
Shoes - Steve Madden - DSW


  1. You look beautiful!!! You are wearing those jeans girlfriend! And your shoes are a perfect match. Enjoy your weekend mama :)

    With Love,

  2. I love your shoes. The Rockstar jeans are EVERYTHING! I just bought 3 pair!

  3. I'm so in love with skinny jeans but I've put myself on a NO CLOTHES BUY til I get a bit more fit...not even a weight loss goal but I have been feeling downright slovenly! But those jeans are testing my discipline! lol. Cayuteeeee!

  4. You always look stunning Ticka.
    Love your stylish new hair.Did you have a hair cut???

  5. Don't think I haven't been reading...I have and let me say you look AWESOME!
    You are really getting leaner and leaner with every visit I make to your Blog and I am really proud and a little bit jealous...uhum...inspired to get back on the horse!

    Your outfits, including this one are also very nice!!!!!!!
    I never tried the Rockstar Jeans because I am stuck on the Sweetheart Denim as it is advertised to be made for people with a donk! But I may need to try some on just for kicks and report back about my experiences!

    Thanks for the love and support you show my blog...
    Stay Fabulous!!!!

  6. Those jeans mean business!! I love the color & the shoes..NICE...& yes your fro looks fab ;-)



  7. You look great hun and I love those pants! I have the same shoes and I have yet to wear them!

  8. Looking really cute Ms. Ticka! I still have to take buy myself some colored jeans.........yeah I keep saying that but one day I really will, LOL!!!

    Carsedra of:



  9. Cute! I love the Rockstar Jeggings too but Oldnavy needs to work on their sizing, drives me crazy. I had to go up two sizes and buy long instead of regular but alas they do have a great fit once you get past all that, lol.


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