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These Boots Are Made For...

Happy Humpday peeps!!

As you can see in the pics, Fall is in full swing here in Minnesota. The leaves have turned, and the air is getting cooler. Today is one of the last of "nicer" days because it was in the high 70's & sunny. The rest of our week looks a bit cooler, in the high 40's. Yup, I said high 40's. That's still relatively nice weather for us here, so I won't be complaining.

On to the OOTD...

I copped these boots over the weekend (on sale) and I love them. I was so excited to see them! Then I got nervous because every time I see knee boots that I love, they never fit over my calves. And the ones that do fit (and are reasonably priced), actually LOOK like they were made for bigger calves… I really don't like that. So, I reluctantly tried them on because they have a stretchy material on the back. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. This time it did!! =D I smiled and damn near ran to the register with them.

Not sure if you guys are sick of seeing my denim blazer, but I'm not sick of wearing it, so here we are again. Ha!

Overall, this was a super comfy outfit, and I felt great in it. Thats all that matters, right?

Until next time...

Blazer - Gifted
Tee - Dots
Jeggings - Target


  1. Really like this....very Fall :)

  2. averiguar cómo llegar a ser macho alfa!
    Look at my web blog - como ser un macho alfa

  3. Love it when I discover I can wear boots that are straight sized...(or whatever they are called)...I also envy the cool weather. Its still hot here...
    I want some tan riding boots...

  4. I see ya Ticka!!!!! You done pulled out the boots and I'm still running round here trying to wear my toes out!!!!! LOL!!!!

    And, look at all the leaves... this look def says: FALL is HERE!!!!!


  5. Loving the boots mam!!!! Lucky for you, it is cool enough for you to rock them. Well check out my blog, I nominated you for an award.


  6. It officially looks like fall all around you! I'm loving the boots hunn :)



  7. CUTE! Loving those riding boots to death!!!


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