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Good evening peeps!! The middle of the week is here, and as usual, I'm living for the weekend. I am loving the cooler temps. I know I will be complaining about the cold weather soon, so I'm soaking up these high 60's to low 70's while I can. In Minnesota, any time after September is very unpredictable weather wise. On to the OOTD…

I'm having what I would call the best problem ever. My clothes are getting too big. The nice part about this is, my body is changing the way I want it to. The not so nice part is losing the great fit of clothes that I love. Like this dress from ASOS, last worn/seen here

I put it on this morning for work, and it just fell right over my body with no tugging or pulling over my butt required. I then put the cardigan over it in hopes of concealing the fit. When that didn't work as I wanted it to, I added the scarf (the outfit needed color anyway). For me that still wasn't enough, and by this time I was running a little late, so I quickly added leggings. I didn't get to fully see how I looked before I left the house, but once I got to work and glanced at myself, I liked what I saw. The unintentional layering really worked for me =D

Have you thrown together an outfit, and unexpectedly liked it later?

Until next time…

Cardigan/Sweater - Target
Dress - ASOS
Leggings - Target
Scarf - Old Navy
Flats - Kenneth Cole


  1. Loving the pop of color with the scarf! Very cute!!!

  2. Congrats on your weight loss! You are looking fab (but you always looked fab)! I love layering; this outfit is so cute, and also seasonally appropriate.

  3. LOVE the layering and congrats!!

  4. Gone get it Ms. Ticka, I see ya!!! The outfit came together really cute!!

    Carsedra of:



  5. Love how you added the scarf & you are looking good!!!! But what are you going to do with our clothes now???!!!! Lol!!!!


  6. Love the easy brezzy feel and the KC flats!!!

  7. I like the splash of purple!

  8. Woman you are looking so great! I totally wish I had your problem in the "loose fitting clothes" department. The layering works really well with this outfit. LOVE your hair!!!

  9. I love the outfit. Stripes are a fave of mine. I just saw your last picture scroll past on Tumblr I was like hey. I talk to her on Twitter. You're famous LOL!


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