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Houndstooth and Me...

Hey peeps!! I hope you guys are enjoying your summer so far. We're coming up on the end of July and  I'm trying to soak up every bit of sun that I can. Minnesota can be tricky when it comes to weather, so I'm here for all of this wonderful heat.

I miss you guys! Is that weird to say? Maybe it is, but it's true. I'm just going with the flow and I post when I'm able to snap a few pics with my daughter. Our schedules are a bit hectic because she got a JOB!! You heard me right!! A paying job!! My baby-girl is a teachers aide for a Summer program. I'm so proud of her! =D With that being said, I don't really want to bother her too much with the blog stuff because I want to allow her to rest. I'm a nice mommy, huh? lol

I wanted to snap a few pics this morning, because it isn't often that I love my outfit AND my hair at the same time. Ha!

I copped this dress on clearance at eShakti. It is everything!! I was browsing through the "Overstock" section of the website, and that's when I spotted this cute houndstooth sheath dress. I had been wanting a dress or skirt in houndstooth print for a while now, but never found anything that I felt suited me. After a few clicks on some dresses that were possibles, there it was! My eyes lit up when I clicked on this dress!

Then, it happened. The dress only went up to a size 14. Even though the material indicated that it had some stretch, I entered complete let down mode. I was really bummed out. Then something told me to take a look at my progress/workout pics. And that brought me to this…

I posted this pic on Instagram about a month ago. I used it to motivate me when I went into a workout slump. I was feeling really down about the scale not moving, and I needed a boost. Once I looked at the before and after, I went through with my order. And I'm glad I did. That 14 fit me like a glove! I felt super cute and, so I had to snap a few pics before the kids and I left the house this morning.

**The moral of this story is... TRY IT!! You never know what works and what doesn't unless you try it out. Also, give yourself more credit. We sometimes get hung up on where we think we should be, and forget to be proud of where we are.**

Until next time...

I through on a light weight blazer for work. Reason #1, Sometimes a sista needs to down-play some of these curves. And #2, it gets chilly in the office & I don't like it :)

Dress - eShakti
Shoes - Steve Madden
Blazer - Target


  1. Looking fabulous chica. LOVE that dress! (and congrats to your daughter's new job!)

  2. foodfashionandflow7/24/13, 10:19 AM

    You are looking soooooo good! I love the hounds tooth dress on you. Very cute!


  3. Congrats all all your hard work. It's paying off in this pic girlfriend!

  4. Fashion Pad7/24/13, 5:21 PM

    Girl you look so awesome! Your progress pics are totally motivating to push myself beyond my self-imposed limits. I'm excited! And furthermore, that dress is haute!

  5. you look absolutely amazing in this dress loving the heels!!!

  6. great job, love the dress

  7. Michaela Cornwall7/24/13, 7:29 PM

    You are doing a fabulous job!!!!!!!! Looking great girl. Keep up the good work. I love the dress!

  8. Thanks! It helps to look at pics when I'm not feeling so great about my progress :)

  9. Thank you!! Let's do this!

  10. I appreciate the support! Thanks!

  11. You my girl so l can say this...DAMN! You are wearing that dress!!! I've started back living the good life so I'm coming for you and your size 14 Ticka...lol get ready! (I mean that in the most loving way possible) lol.


  13. Thanks for the love Tammie! I'm ready for you!! :)

  14. I love houndstooth. You wear it well! Looks fab with or without jacket.

  15. Yeessss, honey! You look great! And that dress was made for you.

    I have the same troubles with working out because the scale doesn't move the way I feel it should given the amount of effort I put in. So I know how you feel, but I'm trying to stay motivated because its got to be helping a little, right? ...I hope so. Good Luck to you, Ticka and keep up the good work; you're my source of motivation!

  16. Thank you!! I love it too! I'm so glad I found a piece that I like.

  17. Thank you! Together we can reach our goals and maintain. Every little bit helps!

  18. Ashley Walton9/20/13, 6:56 PM

    your body is bomb girl!!!!!!!

  19. Gervonder Brown10/7/13, 9:17 AM

    Work it girl! You look fab!

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