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Busy Body...

Happy Sunday! Spring has finally arrived! Well not so much here, but I've enjoyed seeing the pics and posts of you guys enjoying the warmer temps and sunshine in your neck of the woods. Minnesota is always a little late to the party, but we'll be there soon enough. 

Back in December, I participated in a Twitter chat hosted by Alissa of Stylish Curves & Simply Be (click the link for the dress). By using the hashtag #HolidayCurves during the chat, I won the chance to choose a dress from the Simply Be site. I chose this cute little number. Although my eye was drawn to the dress, I was hesitant to order it because there's a lot going on! Normally when I wear a pattern, it's usually stripes, and maybe a little leopard when I want to call myself pattern mixing. 

I stared at the dress on the site for a little bit, then said, "Why not?!". I placed the order and anxiously waited for it to arrive. I have to be honest and say, when I took it out of the packaging, I wasn't impressed. I held it up to my body, and thought that it wouldn't look good on me. The dress looked lifeless.

Let me tell you. I couldn't have been more wrong. I put the dress on and BOOM!! Instant sexy! I fell in love with the colors, the material, the length, the fit, and the way that it laid over my curves. It was the perfect example of the saying, "Wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you".

I couldn't wait to style it, and take pics! Now I can't wait to wear it for a night on the town with my girls or with the hubby.

I decided to keep accessories to a minimum since I felt like such a busy body in the dress. I could have done a black clutch, but that's no fun. I pulled out my pink one since there's pink in the dress. But the way I see it, the possibilities are endless for color pairings.

These ankle strap Sam Libby heels from Target are the bizness!! I copped them on clearance about a month or so ago, and I'm swooning over them! They aren't too high, and they're just the right amount of sexy to pair with this dress.

Until next time...

Dress - Simply Be
Shoes - Target
Clutch - JC Penny


  1. You look great girl!!!! You are WEARING that dress and love the pink clutch!


  2. You scored big with this dress! The pattern is just too cute and pair with the punch of color, the sexy shoes and big hair; winning. Love this look.

  3. Whitney 'Nic' James3/24/14, 6:18 AM

    You look great!! I love the dress and the minimal accessories are perfect. WERK!!! And be sure to link this look up over on the blog...you are giving me LIFE with this dress. Love it!

  4. Robin Michael Rush3/24/14, 9:14 AM

    It's a good thing to step out of your comfort zone sometimes. You had no idea you'd be rockin' that dress! Looking good!

  5. I agree with Robin it's good to try something new and it paid off!!! Your body is off the chain in this dress!!!!

  6. I love it, Ticka! You always find the best deals at Target.

  7. Thank you!! I almost didn't grab the clutch! I'm so glad that I did! :)

  8. Thank you!! I love it!

  9. Thanks Nic! I will for sure link up!

  10. Thanks! I must admit that it was hard, but I'm glad that I did.

  11. Hey Tammie! I think that I will be trying more "new to me" things in the coming months :)

  12. Thanks! I go in that place with deals on the brain! lol

  13. Just found you blog and enjoyed reading this post. You look Great in that dress and should keep the site on your radar. I will be back to read more. . .

  14. You look great! Ow!


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