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The Blues...

For the past month our Mac has been on the fritz. We have iPads, and iPhones in our home, but there's nothing like our beloved computer. But now she's back, she's fixed, and all is right with the world. Well, maybe not the world per se, but all is right in the Buchanan household. And you know what else?! I get to blog!! Believe me, I tried to do it from the iPad, but it just wasn't the same :(

If you hang out with me on Instagram, or Facebook, you've already seen these outfits. It's cool though.

Simply Be USA sent me a pair of Joe Browns Boyfriend Jeans. I had never purchased boyfriend jeans before because every pair that I tried up until this point had a weird fit. I thought that I would have to pass on this particular style because it just didn't work for me. When I put them on, they didn't look like all of the pics that I had seen of other plus size ladies who looked so cute in theirs!  Either they were too big in the waist, or too tight in the thigh area. A lot of them were also too long, or saggy in the crotch area. Lawd knows I can't stand jeans with a saggy crotch area! Ugh!

Anyhoo, these jeans are FAB! While they do have a bit of a gap in the back, they still sit up on my hips, and they are roomy throughout the thigh area.

I wore them to a Paint & Sip outing with my family and the outfit came out super cute.  I wanted to be casual and comfy, and I was just that. I decided to throw on a statement necklace as the focal point... and WAH-LAH! Don't you just love it when an outfit comes together just like you saw it in your head?! :)

Later on that evening, I decided to switch it up to see if I could wear the jeans with heels for a more dinner and cocktails casual look. Again, my outfit came together just how I imagined it. Not too dressy, not too casual. I just love these jeans! 

I am a minimalist when it comes to accessories, so I just added a little bracelet and a pair of black hoop earrings. My handy dandy blue clutch was perfect.

Have you tried your hand at Boyfriend Jeans? How did it turn out for you? What brand of jeans would you recommend?

My finished painting from the Paint & Sip event. I like it!! :)

Until next time...

Top - Target (Old)
Jeans - Simply Be USA
Clutch - Darby Smart
Heels - Madden Girl - DSW


  1. Style4Curves5/6/14, 7:16 AM

    love it!

  2. Tammie Smith5/6/14, 10:10 AM

    I like that painting too Ticka! Where's mine? Love those jeans as well! Boyfriend jeans are what that is! I may steal your idea for the second look. Don't worry I'll give you credit, *wink*

  3. Hey lady! Look good! I want those jeans! I bought a pair from Target and now I think I want to rip them up and make them fun.

  4. I agree with you!! The jeans are fab!! I love the whole look. And your fro is everything...I wish I could get my fro to look like that!

  5. Ok, for some reason your blog and I have lost contact, but I'm back. I can see your transformation and I'm loving it! All the yasssssss's in the world!

  6. Whitney 'Nic' James5/22/14, 8:44 AM

    YES to those jeans. Great fit and I love how you styled them, I've been wondering how their jeans fit for the longest. Thanks for sharing...and linking up. XO!

  7. I love these jeans. Love your weight loss story as I'm working to lose weight myself. Thanks for the motivation.


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