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Keep Calm… It's only White

Yes, I'm wearing white pants and there's still snow on the ground in my neck of the woods. Although I don't adhere to the "no white until Memorial Day" rule, I normally wouldn't wear them until the snow has melted. Eboni over at The Fashionista Next Door sped up the process for me with her Style Me Friday series.

I'm linking up over there with other fashionistas who have pulled their white pants and jeans out and worn them proudly before the so-called time comes. I love the colors in this outfit. We didn't have any sun, but my coral cami provided the brightness that I needed. On another note, never mind my crazy fro. The wind and moisture in the air made it do it's own thing ;)

I hope you guys have had a fabulous weekend. I know I did. Well, I'm off to get ready for the week. Every week that passes is a week closer to our closing date on our new home :) And stay tuned, because I'll be doing an update on my fitness/health journey in my next post.

Until next time…

Blazer - Converse - Target
Coral Cami - Torrid
Pants - Old Navy


  1. love it! I had no idea about that rule lol. Stacy & Clinton from What Not To Wear said all the white clothing rules are null & void, so boo to those that's living in the past! lol

  2. Love the fit of those pants!!! Gorgeous!


  3. Adorable! you are looking good Ticka!!

  4. You look fab! I wore bell bottoms for my white!

  5. I didn't know about the Memorial Day rule, I thought it reset at the beginning of the year (as if I follow the rules anyway lol). Love the look!

  6. I stopped adhering to rules when I decided that fashion was what I had in my closet because my money paid for it. I saw a cute ad in Lucky magazine April issue of white pants and mint green. That will be my next look to rock to work. The fro is loooking frotastic! Are you wearing a twistout?

    1. Thank you!! This was actually a two day old braid out.

  7. Very cute Ticka- wear what you want girlfriend!

  8. You look great girl. You know I love your curves-you rock them so well!!!


  9. Loving those wide leg pants hunni! I know you are getting super excited about your closing date!!!

  10. Ure pants yes!!!!
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  11. They really look stunning on you, dear Ticka.

  12. Oh my!!!! How did I miss this! I love those pants!

  13. Gone get it woman!!! You are looking great, very cute look!!

    Carsedra of:



  14. Looking good! Love the entire outfit.


  15. I'm always so afraid of white pants I always thought girls with curves couldn't wear them but you did them well you look great fun colors aswell xoxo!

  16. You betta WERK them white pants BOO! Love!

  17. I LOVE those pants! I white pants the other day as well! I don't care at all! I paired mine with a navy blue and white polka dot top!


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