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Blog Thuggin'

Greetings and salutations!! I hope you all have had a fantastic holiday season, and an even better start to the new year!

I won't get into the fact that I've been gone a while. It's the same old song. What I will get into is the fact that I made a promise to myself (a resolution of sorts), that I will blog at least once a week. It doesn't matter if I have one picture or five, I need to get it together. I made the usual excuses. I don't have a camera, it's cold outside, there's no light, yadda-yadda-yadda. While, all of those things are true… Who cares?! 

I have found that not blogging has stunted my personal style growth. That may not make sense to you, but the very reason that I started blogging was to help with finding my style, and build upon it.

So, I stole borrowed the phrase "blog thuggin" from my blogger buddy Lynn. It basically means that we don't have a camera, so we're about that camera phone life right now. LOL! I'm not shamed. It is what it is. A new camera will come in due time. But for now, I will take my shots and blog until my hearts' content.

This outfit is basically courtesy of Old Navy clearance racks. The polo, the sweater, and the pants! And the best part is, the entire outfit was less than $20 (with the exception of the boots). The boots are from Target. They're a few years old, and I probably need to get rid of them, but I can't. They are my favorite boots, and it pains me to let them go.

Do you have that one item (or two) that you just can't part with? What is it?

Until next time...


  1. NaturallyFashionable1/3/14, 8:56 PM

    Love the mix of prints darling!

  2. StylePoise1/4/14, 9:48 PM

    Love the way you mixed prints here! Glad to see you blogging again :-)

  3. Ticka I love your sense of humor. That title made me laugh. I love the print mixing in this look! You are a gangsta when it comes to those clearance racks girl! What people fail to realize is:

    !. The Old Navy outlets tend to carry some of THE SAME pieces that are currently in the stores for a much lower price.

    2. In general, people can get QUALITY clothes on a dime. My pep-eve is to see women that are post teens and twenties wearing clothes that LOOK low-quality. I believe you can SHOP on a budget without looking like you did. This outfit looks waayyyy more expensive than the price you quoted.

    As pf now the items I have issues with parting are my bags and shoes. I'm moving next month so I'm sizing down my wardrobe.

  4. Ashley Walton1/5/14, 10:38 AM

    i love that outfit. the two patterns look great together!


  5. Thanks!! It's nice to be back! :)

  6. You are so right Tammie! People sleep on those clearance racks!! Good luck withe move and with downsizing! :)


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