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Weekend/Winter Flow...

The weekend is coming to a close, and we're also coming up on the last week in February. While I'm sad to see the weekend go per usual, I'm happy that the Winter months are going by. From what I gather, this Winter has been a pain in the you know what for quite a few states that don't normally have too may issues. I'm sure we all saw the icy happenings in Georgia, Mississippi, and a few other southern states. Well this Winter hasn't taken it easy on us here in Minnesota either. Our schools have closed for a record number of days this year due to the snowfall, and/or sub-zero temps. And more importantly, it's hard to get your "cute on", and head outside to take pictures in these conditions! lol!

OAN: Please excuse the salt on the ground. It's imperative that we use salt to melt the ice on our stairs in hopes of preventing folks from falling down and suing the pants off of us. Can't have that now can we?

Alas, my daughter and I braved the wind, and stepped outside my front door to snap a few, then literally run back inside. I look a little crazy because it's hard to genuinely smile when it feels like the wind has a vendetta against you.

I decided to take my plain old black (strapless) body-con dress, and make it casual by wearing a denim jacket, and my cute little boots that I picked up from on sale for $10 at Sears. There was a BOGO half off clearance sale, and I was happy that I came across these.

Until next time...

Denim Jacket - Rue 21
Dress - H&M
Belt - Target
Boots - Sears


  1. Ashley Simmons2/23/14, 5:05 PM

    Super Cute outfit!! I love those boots ;)

    With Love,

  2. Get it Ticka! Glad to see your face!

  3. Loving this outfit and thanks for the inspiration on an outfit I am going to wear this coming weekend :)

  4. Ticka, you make MN winter look good! Lovin your hair too sis.


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