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All the Rage...

Happy Weekend!! Well, end of weekend that is. I wasn't busy at all. I planned to do some cleaning. Didn't. I planned to do some laundry. Didn't do that either. I'll tell you what I did do though! I got my eyebrows threaded, and shopped a little. Both of those things make me happy. Not the actual threading so much, but the results always make me smile. Have you tried threading? What do you think about it?

On to the OOTD...

I FINALLY found a jumpsuit that fits the way I want it to! And on clearance for $7 at Deb Shops of all places!! I know you guys have seen so many jumpsuits out in the blog world lately. They're the hottest thing smoking in the plus size community right now, and I was starting to think that I'd never find one that I felt comfortable in. One that flows with my body and didn't work against it. All of the jumpsuits that I've tried were either too tight, not tight enough, or just plain old ugly on me. lol! That brings us to my Deb Shops adventure.

I haven't stepped foot in that store since high-school. The eyebrow threading place was packed, so I decided to walk around the mall. Lawd knows I wasn't about to wait for the six people ahead of me to finish up! I went in all of the stores that interested me, and was about to head into Cinnabon (terrible idea), when I saw that Deb had a 50% off of clearance sale. Y'all know I can't resist a good sale right? I had to go in there and browse. Everything was just as I remembered, so I was about to leave until I saw this baby on the clearance rack.

Because of my past experiences, I was skeptical. And to top it off, there's no stretch in the bottom part. But I liked it because the material is easy/breezy and felt like it would blow in the wind. Very "vacation chic". I brought two sizes in the dressing room with me just to be sure. To my surprise, the size large fit like a glove with NO SPANX!! That my friends is a non-scale victory for me. Even though I am wearing a very light nylon type shaper to minimize any jiggle, and sheerness because the material is so light, I still consider it a victory :)

The only down side is that the top half offers NO SUPPORT. It's kind of lacy and it stretches, so in an effort to avoid any future wardrobe malfunctions, I took it in a little when I got home. It fits perfectly now. I love it! 

I will be going to a "Black and White Day Party" next weekend, and you better believe I will be wearing the heck out of this jumpsuit! 

Lastly, I want to speak about this super cute maxi collar that I received. Shawn of Design by Shawn contacted me and asked if I would like to own one of her custom handcrafted pieces of jewelry. I was honored that she wanted to make a piece for me! The design process was fast and super easy, and I absolutely LOVE my collar and earrings! Y'all check out her website, and give her a holler if you have any questions. She's super sweet, and awesome to work with. 

Until next time...

Jumpsuit - Deb Shops
Sandals - Target
Collar/Necklace Design by Shawn


  1. You look AMAZING! I'm glad you found a style which looks great and makes you feel great as well!

  2. Robin Michael Rush7/28/14, 7:27 AM

    That jumpsuit is 'jumping' and looks great on you. I get my eyebrows threaded also. I love the look. Much better than waxing, plucking or shaving (to me anyway).

  3. You are wearing this jumpsuit, too cute!!!! I have yet to be brave enough to rock one yet, maybe one day!! :-)

    Carsedra McKoy:

  4. this jumpsuit fits perfectly! I love the width of the legs, not too skinny, nice and flowy. And for $7?! Can't beat it! Will look good with a jean jacket in the fall too! And I love that necklace!

  5. You look absolutely fabulous as always from head to toe. Thank you for rocking that Design By Shawn:-)

  6. That jumpsuit is so fabulous on you!!!

  7. Great looking jumpsuit. And the necklace is gorgeous! It's practically a wear-with-everything. I need to go looking for Design by Shawn. Hope there's a website showcasing more of the jewelry!

  8. You look hot in this jumpsuit! Hope you went on a date with The Man ;) Are you like me with accessories breaking up the sets?

  9. So nice!! you look amazing miss ma'am.


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