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Happy Monday guys!

Normally I don't like Mondays. Well, really it's Sunday nights that I have a problem with. It symbolizes the start of another five days that I have to wait until the weekend comes :) I'm such a weekend girl.

Well today, might have changed my gripe about Mondays. For a little while at least. Today Monday represented change. A sense of newness. The realization that I could see where I want to be, as well as the path that could take me there. I'm excited for new things to come!

It was also a beautiful day as far as the weather is concerned. Fall is in full swing here in Minnesota, and my yard has the fallen leaves to prove it!

Those leaves sure are pretty, but we will be some raking fools this weekend! lol!

This picture is one of my favorites! ;)

Do you get a case of "The Mondays" when weekends end too? What helps you get through?

Scarf - Target
Denim Shirt - Target
Skirt - JC Pennys
Boots - Target
Bag - Coach


  1. LOL! I hear you! Thanks! :)

  2. Cute look and I love the background.

  3. Very cute look girl. I don't really get a case of the Mondays as much as I get a case of the Wednesdays. lol.

  4. Just found your blog and I like what I have seen, so I will be back to read more. I love the items you find and you wear them very well. Enjoy your Life!


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