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BFSC #2...

Happy Father's Day!! Hope you're having a good time celebrating all of the wonderful fathers that you come in contact with whether it be family or a friend.

This is installment #2 of the Big Fat Summer Challenge (click the link, or see my previous post for details). I'm crossing "Something You Wouldn't Normally Wear" off of the list. I've seen ladies rock heels with jean shorts all over the blogesphere. While I thought it looked super cute most of the time, I never saw myself doing it until this challenge.

I borrowed jacked the t-shirt from my hubby & the shorts are by Calvin Klein (which I didn't even know made plus sized clothes). I played it kind of safe by going with a low-key color palette, but nonetheless I did it!! Two down, eight to go!!!

Until next time...

T-Shirt - Target (c/o Hubby)
Shorts - Calvin Klein - Macy's
Shoes - DSW


  1. I have that shirt too! Errr...I should I say my husband has that shirt. I just took ownership of it. And wear it. I think I'm gonna steal this look and dig up his/my/our shirt...maybe I'll throw a lightweight cream blazer over it and roll the sleeves up.

    thanks for my outfit tomorrow! LOL

  2. I love jean shorts and heels! You my dear are rocking it! Yay for crossing 2 things off your list of 8 :-)

  3. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,you are always so daring and magic.
    Much love Ticka.

  4. Denim shorts and heels are fun! Great job for stepping out of the comfort zone :) Cute shoes! Fun challenge.


  5. Sexy look and your heels rock!

  6. I always love how heels can take jeans and a tee to a whole 'nother level! This look is very cute. Kudos for crossing another item off of your list!

    And girl, I need those jean shorts in my life!!!

  7. GO TICKA!!!! You look too cute! Love that screen tee and shorts! And I love how you completed the look with brown open toe heels. Go girlie :)


  8. I guess we both had the same idea because I crossed out that on my challenge list as well today!

    U are looking uber chic with those shoes and heels! Get it girl...

  9. Cute!!!! Okay so I am going to steal this. I have never worn shorts and heels either. I do believe I have a pair of Bermuda length shorts too. Gon'ahead and werk ma'am!


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