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Weekend Girl...

It's the weekend baaaaaaaabyyyyyyy!!! I love weekends. They're perfect because you get to sleep in, cook breakfast(sometimes), go shopping, hang around... just whatever tickles your fancy. Enjoy.

I wore this outfit yesterday to hang out with some friends & family. It was the perfect evening for grilled kabobs and drinks on the deck. You may be getting a little tired of my jean jacket, but I'm not! LOL! I love this thing. I'm currently on the hunt for a new one, or a jean vest. I guarantee, you will be sick of those two once I have them in my possession **insert evil laugh**. Moving on... there are a few things that I would like to point out.

1. New hair!!! I went yesterday and sat in a chair for 6 hours and got my hair twisted (kinky twists). I like them a lot! They'll just take some getting used to.

2. My white cropped pants (from Marshalls) are a size 16! When I bought them, they were a little tight. I had hopes that they would eventually fit. I tried them on yesterday, and BOOM!! They fit perfectly. I have to give credit to the fact that I haven't eaten ANYTHING sweet in 3 weeks, and I haven't had one drop of pop for that same amount of time. I've also been exercising. I'm taking it week by week y'all.

3. Last but not least, the star of the show... My shoes!! I went into Target and these nautical babies just reached for me. From afar, I didn't know what the price was, but I knew they would be coming with me. I got them in my hands, and to my surprise they were marked clearance at $7.48!! These shoes are so cute and comfy.

Until next time...

PS, I promise that my white tank isn't dingy. The coral tank underneath is causing the "off-white" look. 

Jean Jacket - Khols
White Tank - Target
Coral Cami - Torrid
White Crop Pants - Marshalls
Flats - Target


  1. Moving this weekend was nothing but proof that I am indeed a shoe whore! With that said, I love those shoes! I have been backsliding on my eating habits. I admire your determination Not to eat sugar in three weeks. I need to get on your level. Once the dust has settled with this move, I will... I will say I've been getting exercise though toting my stuff around though.

  2. Loving the shoesssss!!!!

    Lynn of LA Lynn's

  3. look at your hair, so beautiful!!!!!

  4. Love, love your hot, hot hair, and all daring you.

  5. love the shoes!!!!!!!!!! congrat on that accomplishment I need to go down a size before my wedding but I love to cook and eat *sighs* I need to get it together!

  6. I love this look! And you are so right those shoes are the star of the day and for that price?! NICE!

  7. Very cute look! I like your hair like this! and the flats are so so cute:-)

  8. I love this summery look the shoes are awesome I'm really gonna have to check out target and see about them too cute!

  9. Love the hair!! Cant believe you snagged those shoes for that price! I am soooo jealous lol.


  10. Love the white / pink combo!

    Please enter my Swarovski pen giveaway on www.luxessed.com

  11. Word! I've been hunting for those shoes. They are even prettier than I imagined too. And, you got them for what price? No way!

  12. love your casual outfit. Your flats are adorable :)


  13. I like how your shoes compliment that outfit so well! Well done, Girly!

  14. What a cute outfit! I have yet to brave white pants! And I am DYING OVER YOUR FLATS! I want them! I never saw those at Target!!!??? -Jessica



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