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One skirt, two days, two ways...

Yea, I did it! I wore the same skirt twice within a few days. I think that I wanted to wear my new shoes so bad with this pencil skirt that I couldn't resist. lol! Oh well. I know I can't be the only one who does it. And if I am, just let me think that there are others because it makes me feel better.

Anyhoo... the shoes!! Love these babies. I was having a Twitter convo with a few fabulous blogger ladies (SassyWoman , CurveeBeauty , CheapChicCURVY , Embracing Me) and my arm was basically twisted to go to shoe site CallitSrping.com. Well, maybe not twisted per se, but it was implied. LOL!

I saw these babies and I HAD to purchase them. At the very low price of under $15 (no sales tax in MN), it would have been a shame not to! Before ordering online, I did a little research, and there just so happens to be an actual store in the Mall of America here in good old Minnesota. I went, and they didn't have my size. Boooooo! But they did order them for me with free shipping. YAAAAAAAY!! I didn't hesitate! They are so comfy and I love the look. Trust and believe that I will be going back to get more. Until next time...

Sorry for the blurry pic, but I love the shoes! What can I say...


  1. Hunnnnn-niii, you are wearing the death outta them shoes! They look really fab on you. Sexy, Sassy, and Super cute indeed, matter of fact, what's that site again? Lol...

    Your outfit is gorgeous too! You look confident, cool, chic, and it appears that you could walk a mile in those shoes and not feel a thing.

    Great look lady!

  2. You looking fantabulous girl, loving the skirt and Yes those shoes were worth the search and find lol!

  3. So we twisted your arm huh?! Lol. Their shipping is super fast and free shipping for under $25! I have yet to wear my shoes (same exact ones) but they will quickly be put into the rotation.

    Love the pencil skirt!!! You know they are my fave, very sexy =)

  4. You look fabulous honey! That skirt fits you do well, and what a score for the shoes!!

  5. LOL!!!! Yeah we made you do it..... but hey at least they were for a great price!!!! Hehehehe!!

    The pumps are very cute and go so well with your outfit!!

    Carsedra of:



  6. You know you are happy that we let you in on the fabulous shoes Call It Spring has lol. I love the way you paired the heels with that pencil skirt and silk top! Very chic. You go girl :) Thanks for the mention by the way!!!

  7. You ladies sure know how to make a gal feel good! Thanks for all of your lovely comments! I felt hot to trot in this outfit! lol!

  8. LOVE the fit of that skirt and those pumps are HOT! Cute outfit!!

  9. Those are what I call freak um heels!

  10. hottttttt!

  11. OMG Those shoes are amazing!!! And I love that outfit... Girl you are looking like FIYAH!

  12. wow those shoes are fabulous!!!!


  13. i can see why you love that shoe...i would too! its beautiful and who says we should never wear one item over and over again? please!

  14. Girl..you SESSY! lol You look fabulous!


  15. I'm soooo happy to see a great pair of shoessss to brighten up my day!!!! Girrrl... U look absolutely FAB!!!! I guess I will be checking their site out too! *wink*

  16. Love the shoes hun!! They are amazing! I headed over to the call is spring website and didnt find anything i liked...you guys snagged all the good shoes lol. I guess i gotta check my twitter timeline more often!


  17. Nice outfit!


  18. This post is really about the tattoo on your leg! Makes the shoe look even sexier! Headed to check out the site now!

    E. Louise


  19. Fab job with this look! I'm using this for work because I have this short-sleeved jacket that I've been trying to find some balance with. HOT!

  20. I adore your curves and love that you rock them. My blog is all about that. A pencil skirt that fits well can be worn to anything! Great jobQ!


  21. I agree with Tammie. Freak um heels for sure!! You look great, miss lady!

  22. Love this outfit, reminds me of Safari Chic.. and love the shoes..HOT!!!


  23. Love these shoes and they would have been worth the shipping lol! Nice with the outfit.

  24. Hawt look for work! Love those heels girl!

    Mally xox

  25. Love that skirt with the shiny top and killer shoes, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


  26. just...bellissima!!!

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette
    Check on the second Professional of Fashion’s interview on my blog! I’d love your comment!

  27. Super cute lady! :) Yes I've been to the store in MOA, cute shoes!


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