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Corporate fly...

I don't have a "Tell it all Tuesday" to post today. I think I will take it from every week, down to once a month. Can't give it all away too soon, right? lol! Nah, it's mainly because I don't have that much to say about myself. It's true!! I need more time.

This post will just be what I wore to work. Since my last outfit was bland with jeans and no color, I thought that I would liven things up a taste. I do love how well grey goes with purple. I got the scarf from my sister-in-law. We were in the store, and I was going to buy it myself. She said, "Is that the one you want?". I said yes, and she said, "I'll buy it for you." Wasn't that sweet!? I told her that I was going to have to go shopping with her more often! HA! It's my favorite part of this outfit. Again, it's cold and windy, so my hair is not cooperating. Bless my daughters heart for braving the winter weather for me. =D Until next time...

Color Palette

Scarf - Neighborhood Co-Op Market
Jacket - Gifted from a friend
Purple Tee - Old Navy
Slacks - Fashion Bug
Booties - Payless


  1. awww don't you look snazzy!! Love the scarf :) Happy new Year!!!!


  2. That scarf is super cute! I also love the way the jacket fits you so perfectly! I'm gonna try curly with magnetic rollers this week I think...

  3. Denim is the best material ever!!!

  4. Yes ma'am this is a cute fit. The scarf is it!


  5. Awww, I posted my little "corp chic" outfit yesterday too. I have to say jazzing up work clothes is my favorite and most challenging and exciting kinds of outfits to coordinate. I love this color on you...it looks awesome. The scarf and shirt are paired together perfectly. Too Cute Mrs. Ticka-Pants, too cute!


    With Class and Sass,

  6. Very cute!! I like this look!!

    Carsedra of:



  7. Ticka this is such a cute outfit. I really love that jean jacket. Also that scarf is very pretty. I just love the colors. Very nic.

  8. You look great, Ticka! I especially love the scarf!

  9. You look great in Denim Ticka!!!! And, the scarf set it off just right...

  10. Love that denim blazer girl!

  11. Love the jacket! You look fly!


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