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Hi! I'm Shanticka. My blog is about any and everything that I want it to be. Me, my family, work, personal style, friends, etc. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy getting to know me. Live, in living color.


Corporate comfy...

There's a time and a place for everything. It can sometimes be hard to show your personality through your clothes in a corporate environment. I personally like to try as much as possible to amp up my outfits. Usually with shoes. Lately with color. On another note, I do love these purple flats. They are my latest clearance find for $7.48 at Target. SCORE!! =D

This shoot is another one with the tripod. Bare with me y'all. I'm getting there. I just wanted to thank you guys for the continued support. The comments, re-tweets(Twitter fam) and emails are truly appreciated.

Until next time...

Scarf - Neighborhood Co-Op Market
Purple Top - Old Navy
Belt - ??
Skirt - Target
Shoes - Target


  1. Your figure looks hot! Get it, girl!!

  2. I've seen a couple of fashionista's wear their scarves like this and I love it! You've inspired me to try it!


  3. I always forget about wearing the scarf belted, I'll try it some time love the colors

  4. I promise you are the queen of finding deals at Target! Cute outfit. Love those flats. I'm loving the color mix :)


  5. This Outfit is soo cut and I agree with the first person that commented...you do find clothes that cater to your curves!

  6. Absolutely loving the way u styled that scarf! Cute look!

  7. WOW, you did that!!!! This looks amazing... LOVE IT!


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