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First time for everything...

Happy Thursday!!! It is indeed a happy Thursday for me. I'm off work today and Friday. Four day weekends ROCK!! Because I'm off, I decided to get a few outfits together for the old blog here. As I was decided what to put together, I noticed that the hubby's camera has a screw input on the bottom. I then remembered that hubby has a tripod from his college years. DING! I rambled through the closet and there it was... the tripod. It was a perfect fit, and that's all she wrote. I was so anxious to get outside and snap a few shots.

Enter the weirdness of taking your own pics. My excitement quickly fizzled as people started to walk/drive by and stare. I didn't have any direction (which usually comes from my daughter), so I was left to my own devices. Taking a pic, then running to the camera to see if everything worked out is crazy to say the least. I can say that it got better as a figured out where to stand, how to move, and how to make sure I stayed within the frame. It will take some getting used to, but I think it's here to stay for me.

Do you have any tips that I can use for tripod picture taking?? Please share!

On to the OOTD... There are two things that I want to talk about in this outfit. The necklace, and the shoes!

I won the necklace in a giveaway on Ashley's blog, A Sassy Woman. I was so excited because I think it's a really cute. It's called "Jessica", from Thierry Accessories. The colors are what caught my eye. Very vibrant and fun!!

The shoes, I found on Urbanog.com. They are super cute, and I love them to death! I'm sure you will be seeing plenty of these babies in future posts. The price was reasonable, and they are well made. I also didn't expect them to be as comfortable as they are. Love them!!

Until next time...

I was literally falling over because I was laughing at myself so hard. 

Walking the runway!! lol!

Jean Jacket - Kohls
Yellow Tube Top - Dots
Dress - Target
Necklace - Thierry Accessories
Shoes - Urbanog.com


  1. You BETTA werrrk that RUNWAY!!!!

  2. love the wedges

  3. Happy weekend too you!

    Those are nice wedges. Are they comfortable?

    1. The sure are! They are pretty tall, but the platform is the perfect height.

  4. I hear you about people staring. Then they say, "Oh she just taking pictues of herself" and go on somewhere! I swear you have the BOMB shoes Ticka...and I love the POP of yellow as well as that necklace...

    1. Thanks!! I had two people who stood around for a long while. I was really wishing they would leave. lol!! Clearance shoes are my obsession right now. I think I may have a problem. lol!

  5. Luv your outfit!! oooh I need a pair of those shoes too!! lol


  6. Those wedges are so cute.


  7. Love the shoes and the pop of color. oh by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!! You won the necklace. Email your info when you get a chance and I will mail out of the necklace right away.. Werk it girl!!


    1. Yay! I emailed you!! Thanks!!

  8. YAY!! You're wearing the necklace :) Don't you look FAB. Enjoy your days off hun!!!!! Love love your shoes!!!!


  9. Hahahaha, I LOVE the runway shot!

  10. you look adorablee and i think the pictures came out good ! : )

  11. LOVE the shoes and that gorgeous necklace!!!


  12. I'mma need them shoes, Ticka... hopefully they're a size 10, but I can work with a 9.5 though. I'll be watching the mail, thanks in advance, lol!


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