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It's just lunch...

Hey peeps!  Hope everyones weekend is going great! This OOTD is the debut of my new red skinnies, and the last hoorah for my leopard shoes (at least for a little while). I got the top from Target. I normally don't wear things with big pictures on them, but I loved the pic of Ms. Marilyn on the front. After I put the outfit on, I instantly wished my hair was more interesting. I will definitely be sporting a big curly "do" the next time I wear this top. I like how it all came together though.

Saturday, I went to lunch with two of my oldest & dearest friends. Love those ladies! I wanted to break out my red skinnies, but since we were only going to The Olive Garden, I thought they would be a bit much. So, I took to my Twitter buddies to help me out. I received quite a few responses saying that the outfit wouldn't be too much for Saturday lunch. What do you think??

Until next time...

(P.S., I didn't wear the outfit because it started snowing right after I got dressed. I wasn't about to wear my leopard babies out in that mess)

Color Palette

Marilyn Monroe Tee - Target
Red Skinny Jeans - Herbergers
Black Tank - Target
Shoes Target


  1. I think it is a cute outfit. Personally, and this nothing racist, the black panther in me has something against black folks wearing pictures of just white people. I don't know what it is!!! There is this adorable dress at Eshakti that I want, but I can't get it because 1) Im on a spending freeze (LOL) 2) it doesn't have one black person in site in the pattern.

    So I just can't get past that with the outfit.. But if it were anyone else, say Pam Grier, I would totally dig the outfit!!

    Plus the skinnies fit you perfectly!!!

    Also, thanks for the comment on my blog. I totally understand what you're saying. But I just had to get those thoughts off my chest, considering my blog is a "Me" blog as well...


  2. Love the Marylin Monroe shirt, the leopard print heels which I still need to add to my wardrobe, and the red jeans of course! -Jessica


  3. I should give the red trousers and animal print pumps a try! you look beautiful, nice choice darling!

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  4. Luv this look! I'm on my way to Target to buy this shirt.

  5. Marilyn and leopard my kinda OOTD!

  6. Cute!

  7. Never think what you waer is "too much"... Especially on a day off from work, which is the only place I'd make exceptions...
    Wear what you lOve!
    On the hunt for leopard pumps...

  8. Love the red on you!
    I'm really into coloured denim these days...I'm inspired1

  9. This is such a hot outfit, love the red skinnies, the leopard shoes and Marilyn tshirt!

  10. Loving your Marylin Interpretation and the clash of colour, dear Ticka.

  11. You are so sweet with your comments. I was thinking you were never going to speak to me again because of my commen bout the Marilyn shirt. i was being real, but then after I wrote it I was wondering "was I being too real?". Anyway, thanks for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate it.

  12. I love the leopard and red! I miss Olive Garden!


  13. Okkkk… you are with blogger so I’m NOT EXACTLY sure why your BLOG posts are not coming up on my dashboard???!!!! I guess I will try and follow you (again)

    Anywho... U R hella FLY Ticka!!!!! U know I adore those LEO'S on your FEET & I just purchased me a pair of skinnies so it's ON!!!!! LOL!!!!

  14. you look so cutee <3 i love your pants and your shoes !


  15. I love your outfit! You look cute and those shoes I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have them too and they are surprisingly comfortable. You look very stylish. The red and leopard is a great combination:-)

  16. Great outfit :)...lol I wouldve took it off too if it started snowing....spring needs to hurry up lol....im especially loving your top,the ever classy monroe i got pics of her,such a fashion icon IMO...fab outfit

  17. Screaming YASSS Tika YEAAAASSSSSS!!!! I love this! *headed to target*

    E. Louise


  18. Very Cute! Red and Marilyn go so well together and so do leopard and red!

  19. You have totally convinenced me to buy two pair of colored jeans. Red screams clasy & sexy and the pumps turned it up. I need Target to restock those asap, lolol..no seriously. Is there such a thing as too dressed up?!?!

  20. You look GREAT mama! I can't get enough of those shoes. I want some :( You are rocking those red jeans!!!


  21. Very Cute look...you said you got those heels from Target??? What?! Love those!!



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