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Weekend Girl...

Hey peeps! Just a lil post with what I wore on Saturday. Nothing special, just super casual. Ok… there is something special (to me at least). The necklace that I'm wearing is a waist-chain. It's no longer fitting like it used to, and I haven't worn it as such in years... so I'm re-purposing this bad boy as a necklace. ALSO, I've had these shorts in my closet since my son was born over 7 years ago. They were in a bag that I was going to donate to the Goodwill. Since I've lost a few, I decided to pull them out. THEY FIT!! Yay me!! Other than those two things, the outfit is nothing special. =D

Side note: I'm not going to turn this blog into a weight loss blog or anything, but my little corner of the blogesphere is a representation of things that are going on with me. My health is huge for me right now, and I'm not even sure why. Something just clicked in me recently, and good things are coming out of it. For example, my blood pressure was 122/80, and has come down to 120/79!! I hope you all stick with me while I'm on this path of discovering a new me.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Until next time…

Tunic - Target
Shorts - Target
Shoes - Target
Waist Chain/Necklace - Dots


  1. Cute outfit! Looking comfy AND cool :)

  2. cute summer outfit :) those shorts are lovely!

  3. Cute look. I like the striped tank and necklace! :)

    I wish you all the best on your better health journey. You're doing great; keep it up! :)

  4. Looking great Ticka, i can see the progress u are making, and ur looking extra flirty and sexy latley. Keeo doing what ur doing! Love this casual comfy look too.


    I'm back on the bandwagon...I fell off big time :(

  6. I wouldn't mind if you touched on your weight loss journey often. I doing it too and need ALL the motivation I can get, lol. Cute outfit!!

  7. Cute. Congrats on the weight loss especially the blood pressure

  8. Great tunic. And about your blood pressure, your blood pressure was nearly perfect before at 122/80 so don't worry about being unhealthy blood pressure wise.

  9. great post dear:))
    come by and lets follow each other if you love to do!

  10. Don't you just LOVE going into those bags and finding old treasures and making them new AGAIN!!!!

    You look great honey and I truly understand what you mean about your health becasue without the proper healh we could never be able to manage thes blogs. I will most def be sticking with you on the health KICK cause I know I need to do better myself. I'm a TRUE junkfood junkie and could use to drink more WATER! Hang in there...

    Have a Happy 4th of July Holiday!


  11. Me gusta tu estilo natural y divertido, te sigo,te espero en mi blog, besos ana.

  12. Cute and casual hunni! Nice tunic!

  13. Cute look! I love the repurposed necklace.

  14. I too have an old waistchain that doesn't fit and have been wearing it as a necklace. works perfectly.

  15. I think maybe you can try some nice bags to match with yours nice dress!


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