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Hey peeps! The week is moving by slowly, but surely. Tuesday was a beast for me at work, as expected. But that's over and I am officially on vaca! Woot-woot!! I hope you guys are having a great week so far.

Now on to Day 2 of my "birthday week" posts.

This OOTD is something that I have been wanting to put together for a while. I wasn't quite sure if I could "pull off" the blazer with shorts look, so I was hesitant. But you know what?! DONE!

Also, I haven't worn cut-offs since I used to cut my jeans to make my own "Daisy Dukes" in high-school. It wasn't called DIY then. LOL! Just thinking about that makes me want to sing the song by The 69 Boys. "Look at dem gurls with the Daisy Dukes on!!!!" Don't try to act like I'm the only one who knows that song either!

Anyhoo, while these are not as short as Dukes, seeing cut-offs all over the blog world has made me rekindle my love for them. Don't worry. I won't be going "Duke" crazy any time soon, but they served their purpose with this look.

Until next time…

The tan lines at my ankles are serious!

Blazer - Old Navy
White Tee - Dots
Cut-offs/Shorts - ???
Shoes - Madden Girl - DSW
Necklace - Thierry Accessories


  1. Love this look!! I feel inspired! Think I may want to borrow the look if thats ok!! LOL!!


  2. Very cute and I love the hair!

  3. Alright, Alright, Alright... Little Miss Daisy!!!!! Ticka you look HAUTE!!!!! I like the blazer with the cutoff shorts and that necklace is supa cute!!!!

    BTW, anytime you get ready to take some time off work the day before is always a KILLER!!!! Enjoy your VACAY!


  4. Looking good Ticka!!, keep doing you boo, the blazer is super cute with ur cut offs, and the heels give it that va va voom sex appeal!!


  5. Aww shucks...got those legs out. Get it girl. Love the blazer. It's super cute.

  6. This look is so fab!! You had better work those legs girl!!

  7. LMBO at your tan lines. I promise I didn't notice them until you pointed it out. But regardless, you look super awesome and that blazer paired with the shorts and heels is tres' stylish hunni! Love it bday girl!

  8. AHHH, I haven't heard that song in forever, LOL! I love this look, right down to the snakeskin peep-toes. Way to work it!

  9. OOhh great look!! Love that statement necklaces...you look fab. And them shoes nice!



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