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Happy Monday y'all!! It's my "Birthday Week", and I'm excited! Yup, I said WEEK! I'm not doing anything in particular all week (with the exception of being off work starting Wednesday). But I will be doing is looking cute & being happy. My actual birthday is August 30th, but there's nothing wrong with self celebration for a few more days. Shout out to all my Virgos out there!!

With that said, I'm going to challenge myself to post every day this week, right on down to the final look which will be my new ASOS birthday dress =D. Now, on to the OOTD…

This vest was dressed up in my previous post. This time, it's with a more casual look. You'll be seeing a lot of this vest because it's my new favorite item. I just love it! I don't even remember where I purchased this skirt, but I know I've had it for years. The hem of it just makes me want to twirl, so I'm never getting rid of it! (please excuse the wrinkles… sitting all day at work)

Until next time…

Vest - Forever 21
Tank - Target
Skirt - ???
Shoes - Target


  1. Hello my fierless and wonderful Ticka, you are so lovely.

  2. Love the vest and the wedges!


  3. Cute look! I usually celebrate my entire birth month! Enjoy hunni!!!

  4. What a cute look! I love the toughness of denim & military green with the femininity of white ruffles. Happy early birthday!

  5. Cute! Yes the skirt is definitely twirl worthy! Happy Birthday in advance and I can't wait to see the ASOS outfit.

  6. That last pose was a Marilyn Monroe-ish & I LOVE IT! I'm loving the jean vest I think I throw mine on with just about everything now a days!

    Happy Early BORN Day!!!!! Enjoy it to the fullest....


  7. I love this vest! Happy early birthday! I always admire bloggers that can post everyday and Kudos to you for challenging yourself. I have done that a few times, but it is hard for me to post every day.

  8. Cute look Ms. Ticka, I really like those wedges!!

    Happy Early Birthday!!!

    Carsedra of:




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