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This, is the remix...

Good evening peeps! Hope everyone's week is going well. So far so good at work for me. Today was a little hectic, but nothing that I couldn't handle. My birthday is Thursday of next week and I have most of the week off, so no one is gonna steal my joy! lol!

Anyhoo, on to the OOTD!

As a Blogger who works in a corporate environment & has two children (one of which is a 7 year old boy), I post outfits that I wear for work, play, weekend errands and everything in between.  But for some reason, the outfits that I love posting the most, are date-night looks... and today is no exception.

Until next time...

I added this picture because for some reason, it just seems imperfectly perfect to me. =D

Confession time! This "skirt" is actually a sleeveless top.

 I looked at it last weekend, and just felt done with wearing it. Rather than give it away, I turned to something that I've learned while blogging. Remix/Repurpose. With the help of my daughter and her sewing machine, the arm holes were sewn shut. The top of the shirt was taken in a bit to hug my waist... and Wa-lah!! I love how it turned out.

What have you remixed and/or repurposed lately?

Club pic from about a month ago (out with my girls)

Jean Vest - Forever 21
Black Tank - Target
Skirt/Top - Kohls
Wedges - Urbanog.com


  1. Ma'am, I think we are style twins today...Cehck out my most recent post...LOL! I NEVER would have known that was a top until you told me! You and your daughter's collabo turned out AWESOME!
    You look hot!

  2. you better werk it!!! I would have never guess and you look fab!!!


  3. I love that striped skirt! CU-UTE!!!! Love those wedges too. Lookin good girl!

  4. Love this look and how you totally refashioned it!!


  5. Super cute look. I often wear my dresses as skirts and vice versa. I like those wedges :)

  6. I was gonna say I love that skirt but
    I love how versatile It is...that's pretty cool:-)

  7. OMG whoooooo knew?!?!?! Looks fabulous both ways!

  8. You better work!

    Love stripes & solids!


  9. yassssssssssssssssssssssssssss you look HOT in this "shirt skirt!!! u betta WERK!

  10. Soooooo I am currently making a short list in my mind of shirts I can turn into skirts! You worked this ma'am and its striped, my fave!!!!

  11. YAAAAAAAAAS TICKA!! YOU KILT THAT ONE! I'm loving it!! Yes!! You look amazing.. AMAZING!! I want a stripe skirt so badly and now I might have to sew me some armholes shut, because this is gorgeous. You look goooood...

  12. No way! I gotta learn how to do that. This looks fantastic.

  13. Wowwwww....!!!!! I'm very impressed!!!! It turn out great! I guess I will be packing up a few tops and shipping them to you guys so y'all can help me remix some things!!!! :))

    U look good girlie!!!!


  14. Cute! Loving the denim vest and the striped skirt! Happy Early Birthday! That's awesome that you have most of the week off!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  15. Loving this remix!! I would have never known that was a top. You are wearing that skirt honey!!

    With Love,

  16. OMG!!! This outfit is killer... and it used to be a shirt?!!! GIRL!!!! I love your repurposing!!!

  17. LOVE this look and with the side swept hair?! Super cute love!



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