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I had a nice laid back weekend. The weather was great (for November in Minnesota), and I just chilled. Went all weekend without posting. I can honestly say that I don't usually have an outfit worth posting on the weekends. I may have to change that.

I never wear colored tights. Not that I thought anything was wrong with it, I just never do. There's a blog that I frequent, itsmytaste. The lovely Corie is really stylish, and I love that she does her own thing. I read a few entries where she discussed her colored tights and I've been inspired ever since.

Not only did I wear colored tights, I did something else that I was taught never to do. I paired tights with peep-toed shoes! I don't know who told me or when. I just knew that it shouldn't be done. I've seen it done in the blog world, and at first I thought... "What are they doing? You're not supposed to do that!!" Then I thought, "Says who?". Fashion/style is you. Do what makes you feel comfortable and own it. I'm learning that more and more with each entry. And wouldn't you know? It's my favorite part of my outfit! Until next time...

Holy wrinkles, Batman!!

Daily Palatte

Berry/Purple Cardiagn - ??? (I've had it forever)
Cam i- Lane Bryant
Belt - Target
Skirt - Target (Clearance $5.97!)
Tights - Target
Shoes - Thrifted from my aunts closet)


  1. I like the peeptoes with tights. I know my grandmother told me that it shouldn't be done, but I've been seeing it in fashion magazine for years. I have yet to try it, but I like it. I love the burgundy tights, its a nice safe way to try colored tights, since its closer to brown. Nice!

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog. I am loving your colored tights btw. I bought some about a month ago at forever 21 and haven't worn it. I think I may have to dust them off and think of an outfit to wear it with.


  3. Love this outfit. The belt is #winning. I can't find a cute belt like that in my Target. Going to search again.

  4. You are right...the tights are it! I love the whole look...way to work!!!

    New follower!

  5. The tights with the cardiagan is FAB!!!! BTW, I'm now following your blog please feel free to stop by my blog & follow if you like!


  6. You look gorgeous! I am so into tights since I moved to Ohio (matter of fact I am wearing a leopard print pair tomorrow)!




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